Xmas Cookies

Xmas Cookies

A Story by ArtLNightshade

No one takes away this boy's tradition of making home-made cookies


Ten year old Ben walked home from his last day of school with hid head down, his hood over his face, and his hands in his Jean pockets. It wad the worst day ever. Everyone in his class threw ornaments, tintsles, wreathes, and cookies.


He didn't care much about the decorations but when it came to the cookies, that hurt him for when he saw the cookies on the floor being consumed by dirt and all broken in pieces. Tears would fall and more would attempt to fall but the boy would not allow it.


When he opened the door, he heard his step-mom yell at his dad who was trying to bake cookies for the first time. When he heard the news earlier, he was thrilled, excited and wanted to try it even if they weren't going to be good.


The yelling continued, growing louder and stronger that Ben's aunt had to take him away when his step-mom threw a cookie tray at his dad which hit him on the face.


"Aunty. Why is momma and daddy fighting?" Ben asked looking up at his aunt who placed him on her lap. But before she could awnser, the shrill screech of his mother gave him his awnser.


"These are the WORST ever! These cookies are damned! Aweful! I hate them! We should have gotten rid of this tradition a long time ago and just buy them!" Ben's step-mom screamed out as Ben covered his ears.


Hearing the fact of buying cookies was worse than burning them to crisp. Ben could not stand it any longer. He got down from his aunt's lap and ran up to his room.




Lying awake on his bed, the little boy stares up at his ceiling and plans a plan. A devilish plan, to make all the people who dare try and take away the Xmas cookies tradition.


The clock on his wall continues to tik. The hands moving to the rythym of the tiking, moving slowly and fast at the same time. When the clock striked midnight, Ben quietly got out of bed and headed towards his step-mother's room. She had his dad sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. The whole place was soundproof so no one outside could hear.


Ben had a clothe in one hand and a baseball bat in the other. He walked over to his step-mother's side, his eyes filled with revenge and anger. She was going to pay for yelling at his dad and trying to take away his favorite tradition.


Once the boy was by his mother's side, he gently shook her awake. The first try was unsuccessful, he tried again and he got slapped that infuriated him. He raised his bat and hit his mom with it awake.


She jolted up and whispered/yelled at him.


"Ben! What are you doing? Go. To. Bed!" She turned her body around so her back was facing him and went back to sleep. The boy shook his head and climbed up on the bed after he set his bat down.


He quickly tied the clothe around her mouth, gagging her from screaming. She tossed and turned, trying to get him off of her, they both fell onto the floor. Ben picked up his bat and gave his mom a good wack on the head.


When his mom blacked out. He tightened the gag and dragged her towards the kitchen. He locked the door so no one could get in and duct taped his mom's mouth for good measure.




He searched through the kitchen and grabed a bowl, a wooden spoon, a cooking pan, a rolling pin, a few designed Xmas cookie cutters and he turned on the oven so it could be heating up. Ben couldn't help but smile. It was time.


His step-mom woke up, when her vision became clear she found herself in the kitchen at the mercy of her son with a rolling pin in his hand. She mumbled ot him "what the hell"? But Ben, her son, only grinnned wider and started beating his mom.


No matter how much she screamed or cry, the gag and duct tape prevented from the others to hear.


Seeing that he was a little too weak to beat her up, he took out a kitchen knife and stabbed her until she was dead. Blood poured out of her torso and head from both the stabbing and the beating.


Ben carved out her stomach open with a knife and with his hands and knife, he cut out her organs and placed them into a bowl. He stood up on a stool and turned on the blender to mix his step-mom's flesh and blood well with the sugar.


He hummed through the sound then turned it off once it was stirred right. He took out his wooden spoon and stired it around, he took it out of the bowl and licked it clean. He loved the taste of it.


He took out the cookingpan and set it right beside the bowl. He jumpped down to retrieve the Xmas cookie disign cutters. He walked back and stood up on the stool again. He began to spread out the "dough" with his hands onto the other pan. Once it was flat, Ben began to cut out the "dough" with the Xmas cutters.


There was a Xmas tree, santa, elf, stocking, ornament, snowman, and a Xmas bow. He genlty placed the designed cookies on to the cooking pan and went over to the oven. He opened it, feeling the heat of the oven hit on his face. He carefully placed the cooking pan in the oven and started the timer.




As soon as the cookies were done, Ben put on his small oven mitt and carefully opened the oven and took the cookies out of the oven. He placed it on the couner so it'll cool.


While it was cleaning, the boy searched through for a metal spatula to remove the cookies from the pan and onto the designed platter but before he did that, Ben decided to decorate it.


Frostings and sprinkles covered the blood he decided to have a bit of it showing, his dad and family member would think it was only strawberry, cherry, rasberry, or cranberry.


Looking at his plate of cookies, he smiled a devilish smile. His revenge was bought to justice. He felt no guilt whatsoever before doing this, while doing this, and after doing this.


He set the platter down on the coffee table in the living room and went back to bed.


Xmas time came and he woke up first. He ran down and saw his presents but he didn't care about that, all he cared about was the cookies. He wanted to have his family taste the cookies.


Ben called his family acting all excited that santa came. The family came down, few yawning but they all smiled when they saw Ben beside a plate of cookies.


"Did you make these Ben? All by yourself?" His dad asked, picking him up. Ben wrapped himself around his dad and nodded excitedly. "Well I think I'll have a taste". With one hand he held onto his son and carefully bent down to retireve one of the cookies with his free hand.


The rest of the family took their share and they all took a bite. They commented on how they loved it.


"These are very good. What's in it?" His counsin, Daniel asked taking another bit. Ben jumpped down from his dad and took a cookie. He took a bite and swallowed before answering.


He smirked at them all widely, letting the blood drip out from his lips. His aunt and female cousins screamed while the men all gasped in horror.


"Sugar, flesh, and blood." Ben said, taking another bite while his family dropped their cookies which angered Ben.


Seeing the look on the boy's face, his family picked up the cookies and set them on the plate, not wanting to anger him further.


"Whose flesh and blood is it Ben?" His uncle asked as they leaned in to hear the answer. Ben looked at each of them one at a time and giggled. His giggled turned into a chuckle, which turned into a menacing laugh.


"My step-mom." Ben replied as his family ran into the kitchen to reveal a beaten, stabbed, cut up woman lying on the tiled floor in a pool of blood. They turned around when they heard the door close. It was Ben and he was eating yet another cookie.


The boy smiled down at his dead step-mom while eating a cookie. "No one takes away my tradition".




© 2013 ArtLNightshade

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Added on February 23, 2013
Last Updated on February 23, 2013
Tags: horror, xmas, cookies, death, baking, tradition, blood, flesh