Another Fistfull of Depression

Another Fistfull of Depression

A Poem by ASHLEY

I'm not depressed, i never am. but this one came to me the other night, i was staring at the ceiling with my contacts out and my sister said there was a spider, but i couldnt see it. lol.

Empty gazes wasted
On the unforgiving ceiling.
The answers were never written
In blood as i hoped theyd be.
The answers to yours and mine
Our problems you cant deny
You keep them hostage
In the cold prison of your heart
Just wait and see
When you turn into me


© 2008 ASHLEY

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Wow, this is short and simple but hard-hitting. People who haven't been in depression sometimes think that they know what the person is going through. I know you said that you haven't gone through depression, but you do capture how the rest of us feel when people say "i know what you're going through," when in actuality they dont. thanks so much for sharing this

Posted 11 Years Ago

Damn Ashley, this isn't depression at all! :D One can feel a fighter, who refuses to give up! Maybe short, but packs a powerful punch! :D

Faerie Blessings!

--faerie whisper (breaking the silence...)

PS: yes, sit down and write some fiction! you don't have to post what you write, or even finish it this year. just write some fiction and then get it published girl! :D just let me know so i can buy the book! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 21, 2008
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Magicland, WA

Im a girl. Im an amatuer but i never had a problem with my poems My friend made me sign up. ENJOY! more..

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