Sick Vegetation

Sick Vegetation

A Story by Allyson N. Jason

A story of self-imposed purgatory.


I peek into a room and there I see my sweet avocado soundly sleeping. She is tender and ripe but I must poke her as I am compelled.

I creep slowly up to the bed and dab at her belly. The flesh reveals a small indentation and slowly springs back up evenly. She remains quiet and appears undisturbed...

I decide to take a deeper jab and this time her skin tears open and rich green contents spill sweet avocado is sick now. She's no longer in good health...and she has been disrupted by discontentment.

I've caused her to bleed and while leaning over her, I look up at the ceiling into unknown space with glistening quivering slightly parted lips, close my eyes and visions of prancing haughty carrots, pungent empowering rolling onions and looming phallic cucumbers overwhelm my mind's eye amid layers of fluorescent and acrid smelling smoke with fragrant sweet undertones.

They scold me and I begin to form round. My insides start to uniformly transform into a thick chunky bright red liquid. My screams are halted by the ongoing disappearance of my mouth. My mind remains conscious but my body continues to change.

I eventually become a reflection of my sweet avocado. I find that the world around me becomes exponentially smaller. I appear now in a cushioned delicate bed within a mysterious room featuring a cracked open wooden door. I soon spot large peering bloodshot eyes accompanied by a wide curious grin peering around the door. A being enters with long pointy shaky fingers and an arrhythmic walk.

I am now a curiosity and I am pressed lightly on the surface of my stomach. It tickles...but soon I find myself consumed by intense pain and intrusion quite unexplainable. I've been pierced with a thick bony index finger and now my insides are spilling out...

Soon I will die and enter into the world of sick vegetation...and I will repeatedly relive this scene and will never adapt...

© 2008 Allyson N. Jason

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I thought this story was funny.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 20, 2008
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Allyson N. Jason
Allyson N. Jason

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