Most wanted directors for comic book movies

Most wanted directors for comic book movies

A Story by Double T

Over the years we have had many comic book movies. Some have failed and some have succeeded.


1.  The Swamp Thing directed by Peter Jackson. Now here is the pitch for the movie, it is the Swamp Thing going up against Arcane and pollution of the swamp of Louisiana, while still trying to balance the relationship between Abigail Arcane and his duties. Now with story of the movie is being crucial, the special effects can be pretty awesome because Peter Jackson has the disposal of WETA workshop, the special effects company behind his previous films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. As a matter of fact King Kong is the evidence that Peter Jackson is the right choice because the movie had real sets, took real locations, and the special effects looked real as well. And the final thing that would make the movie is Andy Serkis as the Swamp Thing itself because he can pull of a great performance as a character like he did with Gollum, Kong, and Ceaser from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

2.  Now this one was a subject that I had to think twice about so I changed original directors that were on my list was the Coen brothers, but the real choice for the comic book movie is right. Y The Last Man directed by Bryan Singer is a good combination. Why because Singer has directed the X-men, X2, and most recently X-men Days of Future so that means he has a great foot hold on the comic book field.

3.  Guillermo del Torro has already created the Hellboy universe for the big screen in 2004. The BPRD is a spinoff of Hellboy comic book series. So I think with the right for a different source material relating to the other, it is the perfect fit for great spinoff movie from the Hellboy movie.

4.  Remember the movie called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that came out in 2003? Well it sucked a*s with special effects shot on a go-pro camera and it was executed weakly on the story in its premise. If you want a real movie called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, than get motherfucking John Carpenter on that film because he knows how make great f*****g movies. Look at The Thing, f*****g awesome and freaking scary. Big Trouble in Little China, extra f*****g awesome. But these had one thing common that separates them from special effects, the story and characters. And speaking of special effects, how about practical effects on the prime, it would be amazing.

5.  The Rocketeer is amazing fit for Brad Bird. Why because he has bright and wonderful style when it comes to his filmmaking. I mean look at The Incredible and Ratatouille; those were both great and amazing bright films stood on their own. Not only will Bird had amazing action sequences to the movie, but it also have a moral to the story and have good heart felt emotion when it comes the characters that audiences will be invested into.

6.  How great is British comics, its cool and awesome. No here is what would be more cool and awesome. Edgar Wright directing a movie of the critically acclaimed series The Boys created by Garth Ennis with Simon Pegg as the star.

7. So the final call for famous directors on great comics is Edward Zwick directing DMZ. Now first let me say this Zwick is a great director and loved The Last Samurai and Courage Under Fire. The reason why I think he is the main man for the DMZ job is because his war movies contained memorable characters, warrior philosophies, and can direct great action, which why I love The Last Samurai.

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Author's Note

Double T
Please excuse my language on most of the subjects. Comment below and let me know. Tell me whic one is your favorite.

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