Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow Comes

A Poem by Pen The Willows

An 'I Am From' I had to write for my English class at the beginning of the year.


I am from deserts and cacti

            The casinos lighting the street,

            the seasons always hot and dry,

            the sins down each darkened alley,

            the buzzing cicadas bringing headaches,

            the dips in the pool every weekend,

            and the city that is more than what it seems.

I am from the library

            The books in every room,

            the aisles filled with possibilities,

            the rustling of pages,

            the taste of knowledge,

            the whispered conversations,

            and each story introducing something new.

I am from maps

            The hundreds of countries,

            the bright colors,

            the dreams of being far away,

            the strange names,

            the odd shapes,

            and the whole world at my fingertips.

I am from fear

            The fear of change

            the fear of being left,

            the fear of anger,

            the fear of love,

            the fear of trust,

            and the fear of not being good enough.

I am from inattention

            The I can’t make its,

            the I forgots,

            the Not right nows,

            the Guess what your brother dids,

            the You have no lifes,

            and the You do nothings.

I am from death

            The death of my grandfather,

            the death of my great-grandmother,

            the deaths of my cats,

            the death of my dog,

            the death of my hamster,

            and the suicide of my uncle. 

I am from music

            The melodies stuck in my head,

            the notes dancing before my eyes,

            the dancing around with hope,

            the lyrics halting the tears,

            the joy from a simple tune,

            and the knowing it will always be there.

I am from life

            From the loneliness,

            from the smiles,

            from my family,

            from my friends,

            from the schools,

            and from me.

Elsewhere I have been,

but here I am now.

            Now tomorrow comes.

© 2011 Pen The Willows

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Added on December 19, 2011
Last Updated on December 19, 2011


Pen The Willows
Pen The Willows


I'm 18 years old and I'm in my sophomore year of college. Most of the writings archived on here are from when I was in middle school and high school, and they aren't really very good. I wasn't going t.. more..