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Cynical Truth

Cynical Truth

A Story by BearTears60

Learn discover and decide.  Too often we sacrifice our free will for free thoughts.  Too often I sacrifice my free will for free thought.  Thinking takes time and work and worst of all patience.  Brutal.  How much easier is life when we accept its will.  Life has a will?  Of course.  It’s called nature.  If you don’t believe me…stand outside and see what happens.   Nature will f**k you up.  Burns, freezing, sickness,,, nature can have a cruel will when left to its own devices.  But thankfully with knowledge.   I don’t have to stand butt naked shivering outside the house.  I know to go take a hot shower, throw my favorite sweats on, and make a cup of cider. And I can choose to impose my will on nature.  Any persons life is nothing more than their choices to nature.  Life acts the same as nature without choices.  And not making a choice is a choice in itself.  A choice to succumb to the will of nature and hope for a sunny day.  Good luck.  The concept is simple, practical, and easy to understand, yet so difficult in practice.  Realizing the benefits and the understanding of knowledge are simple, but practical?  An intellectual answer is so simple as well.  Of course it is more beneficial to live a knowledgeable life than an ignorant one.  I’m still not sure about this.  Sayings survive on truth…”ignorance is bliss”.  Knowledge is as addicting as any drug.  Especially knowledge about ones self.  Truth does not finish smoothe like fine cognac…it burns from the well.   The honesty of truth holds the power to see the evil in the world.  The evil in ourselves.  Embrace yourself.  All that is YOU, light and dark,  So many of  us deny self awareness. For fear of the dark,  The denial of the ability of evil that is present in every living human soul is the most dangerous and manipulated message.  Prejudice, religion, and those things which support the denial of learning from personal experience or knowledge have created more intolerance and hatred  than whatever or whomever is at the end of their finger.  The presence of human duality forgotten or blinded from truth , rather than acknowledged and embraced.   There’s no magic stone, wish, or hope that absolves us of who we are.  The inescapable truth is that we are who we are.  We have all made our choices.  But we have the ability to choose which self we want to feed.  Once we leave self awareness, we in turn lose touch on reality.  By this I mean:  If we lie to the most important person in everyone’s life, the self, and accept those lies,  absorbing the lies of the world as truth is an easy step.  Buy this, believe that, small talk and gossip.  All one and the same.  Ears to mouth without ever allowing ones’ own brain to join the debate.  Instead  we adopt the opinions, wants and desires of others as  our own.  Trash for idle minds.  Recitation destroys the need for new thought.  A simple regurgitation of told “truths”  quiets the crowd.  The crowd who seeks the why.  But how loud is their cry?  What silences your thought?   Nothing unless you let it.  What do you allow to silence your free will?  Your freedom of thought?

© 2008 BearTears60

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Freedom of will led me to read this very thought-provoking post, freedom to think about it long after i leave this page is my choice and I'll use that choice.

There is so much in this write that i find in me too, but I still believe in that Higher guidance, the one that teaches me which choice to make, the right or wrong in life, in nature, towards life and, towards nature.

Yes, we inherently know that we're part of NATURE and part of its gigantic chain, circle, ever great contuum but we need remember that in fact Man is a very small part of it all.. unfortunately we forget that!

As to the individual ' Once we leave self awareness, we in turn lose touch on reality. By this I mean: If we lie to the most important person .. self.. ' How true, mostly.

Great write, great insight, and, thanks for allowing me to stand on the slippery slope of the soapbox.. sorry..wrote too much.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on October 30, 2008



Changes with the seasons, OR

I have the life style of the observer. My friends consider me a chameleon. I go all places with all people in order to discover a more real outlook on the world. Yet live a life uncertain of truth. .. more..

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A Chapter by BearTears60

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