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This is a retelling of the Swan Princess movie.


Odette, a name of beauty and class; the meaning wealth. Just like her namesake Odette was gorgeous. Her mother died in childbirth leaving her as the only heir for the king was too heartbroken to ever find another love. Due to this, Odette was trained at a young age in the activities a prince would normally engage in.

Odette always preferred swordplay over dressup and her father, seeing her become more and more like her mother everyday, wished only the best for her.

The palace sorcerer was especially fond of Odette. He gave her the ability to speak to animals as she wasnt allowed outside the palace to find friends. Her friends were picked for her, but they were nothing like Odette. They would have tea parties, which she surprisingly liked, but anything else just wasnt her style.

One day, Aaron, the neighboring kingdom's crown prince, came to visit with his mother. His mother lost her companion to war so in this instance Aaron and Odette were alike.

Odette met Aaron in the gardens with their parents. They immediately disliked each other.

"You're a girl! You're supposed to love activities like dancing and gowns. I bet since you're so ugly and weird no one wants to be your friend." Aaron sneered.

His mother was to scold him, but Odette took out her training sword and started beating him with it. She didnt mind being called weird. In fact it was a compliment. What set her off was being called ugly. She was told she looked like her mother everyday, and here Aaron was insulting her mother indirectly.

"I am pretty! Just like my mother you swine!" Odette yelled. The king pulled her away.

"We seem to have our work cut out for us dear Queen if we want our children to wed." The King stated exasperated.

"Indeed King. I will teach your child proper etiquette if you would teach my son the sword and how to associate with females." Queen suggested.

The King nodded and the two switched children. The Queen and Aaron would be staying at the King's palace for the summer so the two children could get to know each other better.

"Now Odette, when someone offends you, you must use your words not a sword to admonish them. You must also use a fan like this shooing them away." The Queen explained.

The King's turn was next. "Aaron, speaking to a girl the way you did is not proper especially for a crown prince. You must bow in greeting, smile, and compliment her even if you do not find her attractive. This will assist you in having the kingdom's masses attracted to you, wanting to follow you."

The Queen and King each parted ways with the children in tow.

Later, Odette sighed looking out the window in the sorcerer's work room.

"I wish I could be your apprentice. This proper lady etiquette is for the birds." Odette sighed again. She looked at the fan Queen gave her, huffed, and tossed it aside.

The sorcerer picked up the fan, and it glowed a purplish light. Odette watched with wide eyes when the fan grew metal spikes. The spikes disappeared and the fan was returned to her hand.

"Sweet Odette, this is not a bad turn of events. Imagine being in court with knowledge of both princes and princesses. You do not have to give up who you are. In fact, you can just expand your horizons. I heard what Prince Aaron said. Do you not wish to show him that you can learn better than him? Show him that you are beautiful and strong inside and out?" The sorcerer explained gently and in words Odette could understand.

"I suppose you're right. I never looked at it that way before. A different perspective, expanding my horizons, and showing him up, yes. Yes! I can do it! Thank you sir!" She kissed him on the cheek and ran out to practice.

When she left, the sorcerer frowned. He wanted Odette to be a little girl forever-interested in the occult, fighting, and running a kingdom. He knew she would have to grow up sometime, but he didnt think it would be so soon. He touched his cheek where she kissed him and smiled. No, she will still stay the same Odette just a more knowledgable one.

Time passed and the prince and princess were now 18. They hadn't seen each other in two years due to Aaron training in battle tactics and Odette studying etiquette abroad.

When she came in, Aaron's mouth hung open. Odette was stunning. Long golden tresses hung freely around her arms. Her stunning golden blue eyes sparkled with knowledge and power. She could command a room with a single glance. She wore a gorgeous long sleeved gown made of silk and velvet lining. It was the same blue and gold pattern as her eyes. Her heels barely made a sound as she glided towards Aaron who regained his composure.

She curtsied. "Crown Prince Aaron, I have been expecting you. Do come in out of this chilly weather. I will lead you to father." Aaron was struck speechless. Was this really the girl that had hit him with a training sword?

She led him down the brightly lit hall to the throne room. "If you will excuse me, I must continue my studies." She curtsied again and quietly left. Aaron felt his face grow hot.

The sorcerer shared a laugh with Odette. "You wouldnt believe it sir! It worked! He was shocked beyond all measure! That will teach him to disrespect others." She smiled up at him. He was only 5 years older than her, but it didnt feel like it. They were such close friends.

Odette conjured fire in one hand and ice in another. The ice was in the form of a swan. The fire was in the form of a sword. She combined the two together into a rose. The rose faded away.

"You are getting better sweet Odette. I know it's just survival magic, but it is all I can teach you right now." The sorcerer, Roth, sighed.

She cheered him up with a smile. "It is totally okay! I have a leg up in battle with the knights. Ha! The looks on their faces. Speaking of, I need to go spar with the knights. I need to keep my form up." She kissed his cheek again and away she went to change into her armor.

Rith blushed pressing his hand to his cheek. If only he could keep her caged, but no. No, she is a free spirit and her wings must never be clipped.

Odette wore silver armor much like the knights but instead of a helmet she had a magical laurel looking like wings to protect her head. That way her beauty could be shown on the battlefield.

The knights enjoyed Odette training with them. When they were sparring they were just two knights sparring not knight and princess.

After their training, Odette changed clothes and went down to eat supper and dance. She hated to dance, but ladies dance and she still wanted to show up Aaron.

Odette, despite loathing dancing, almost swam on the dancefloor. Her movements were so graceful. She danced with Roth giggling at his jokes. Aaron didnt like that. He butted in and asked for a dance. Odette, upset that he barged in, still accepted with a smile.

As they danced, the looks Aaron gave her set butterflies in her stomach. He was handsome. She could admit that, but she needed to remember who he was. Or perhaps he changed. She had certainly changed why not give him a chance.

The King and Queen asked their respective children if they will go through with the betrothal. With no other suitors to speak of, and being loyal to her kingdom, Odette agreed. Aaron readily agreed without hesitation.

After that was settled, the two mingled with the other guests. Whenever Odette was asked a question, Aaron would answer for her. When she tried to intervene and answer for herself he would condescend her. It was all very tactfully done, but still rude. Eventually she got him alone on the balcony.

"Aaron, what do you like about me?" Odette asked warily.

"Why, you're beautiful! Your the most stunning woman I've ever seen!" He chirped.

"That's nice, but what else?"

"What else is there? Your beauty is all that matters. Just stay by my side and smile. You dont need to do anything else."

Odette was furious! This was the man she was supposed to marry? A misogynist through and through! He hadn't changed at all. Tears welled up in her eyes. She slapped him hard on the cheek. The sound could be heard throughout the room. She bunched up her dress and jumped from the balcony to the ground below. She ran away while Aaron was left to explain.

Odette cried to her forest animal friends. It was a secret spot she never shared with anyone. The moon was full over the ruins of an ancient civilization. The large lake that sat in the middle glistened in the moonlight.

Odette cried herself to sleep, and something magical happened. She turned into a swan. When she opened her eyes, she accepted that this was her fate. When had she desired to be with another person? Why did she choose Aaron? Was it because they were betrothed that she fell for him? She didnt know, but her tears turned into diamonds that fell from her eyes as she sat in the lake.

The curse was simple. Due to her broken heart, unless it was mended, she would be a swan. If she left the water she would turn back into Odwtte but a barrier kept her from going very far. She would have to depend on her friends for nourishment. They would have to bring her rations.

The second part of the curse was that she could not speak. Not a word could be uttered even a cry. The final part of the spell was if her heart was broken again she would die. She learned this curse because one of her friends told her about it. It was a common blessing for those that truly loved each other, but if they didnt, then the curse would take hold.

Roth had to be held back by the knights. He was literally on fire at what he heard Aaron suggest. "Why should I help the one who hurt my dearest friend?"

"Because shes your dearest friend and we have an obligation to our people to be wed. Eventually shell calm down and realize all she needs to do is stay by my side. Shell grow accustomed to her wings clipped."

Roth managed to find his composure, but he was still on fire. "Fine. I'll help you find Odette, Crown Prince Aaron. It should be rather simple." Roth entered his workshop, no longer on fire, and Aaron followed him along with a couple of knights for safety's sake. They also wanted the safe return of Odette. "Here's a locket. It says that Odette is under some sort of curse. It wont tell me what one or how to undo it. All it tells me is that itll glow when in front of Odette who had been turned into an animal."

Roth turned his back on him purposely being rude. Aaron didnt comment as his focus was finding his wife. Roth sighed when everyone left. His sigh sounded like his soul was escaping. Tears welled up in his eyes as he transformed into a black swan. He flew out to look for Odette.

He knew she was alright, but she was miserable. Roth didnt tell Aaron that. He continued to search for in the sky. After another full night of searching, he flew down to a ruins lake that was his favorite spot as a child. The lake and ruins were huge, but to his knowledge he was the only one that knew about it.

He transformed back into Roth and sat at the water crying. He loved Odette. He tried to deny it all these years, but with her disappearance he realized he couldnt do without her.

A gorgeous white swan reflection appeared in the water. He looked up and gazed at the bird who hadn't seen him yet. The swan was the most beautiful one he'd ever seen. There felt a strong presence behind its intelligent eyes.

"Odette?" He whispered. The bird noticed him and outstretched its wings. Roth jumped in the water and swam to her. He embraced the swan. "Oh sweet Odette, what a fool I've been. I would scour the world for years if I could bring you back. I love you Odette. I was blind to my feelings, and I know you have a duty to your people. But please, choose me. I'd never clip your wings."

He began to sob and Odette had this overwhelming urge to embrace him. She turned into Odette and did just that. The two cried and hugged each other under the moonlight in the lake. He swam with her back to the edge of the lake. She got out first shivering.

"Is cursing magic always so inconvenient when it breaks?" Odette laughed then sneezed. "Pardon me."

Roth laughed and was glad he had the forethought to take off his cape before jumping into the water. He gave it to Odette who took it gratefully. She summoned a fire and the two crowded around it and talked.

"I have a duty to my kingdom, but I love you too. I was also blinded to my feelings. I cant believe I was so stupid." She admonished herself. "Now theres nothing I can do. But i will tell you this, no matter what happens you're going with me. That's an order." She giggled.

He laughed. "Yes Your Highness." He bowed to her.

Just then, Aaron and a team of knights appeared. "Odette! Why in the Hell did you run off? And look at you! So classless looking like a pauper. Why the hell were you in a lake? This is beyond rude but still redeemable. All you have to do is stand beside me beautifully and obediently. Come." He outstretched his hand.

Roth gently cupped her hands in his own. "I love you Odette, but it's your decision."

"I dont know what to do." Her voice cracked.

The captain of the knights spoke up. "Do what your heart tells you is right. Who is your destined pair? Who do you wish to help you lead?"

"You can do it Odette!" One knight shouted.

"For Odette!" Anotger knight shouted. The knights cheered for Idette making her smile.

"I still have an obligation to my kingdom, but what about what I want? Is who I want to choose okay to be decided with the heart?" Odette pondered.

"Why are you hesitating? Weve been engaged since before we met! You belong to me!" Aaron shouted.

"I belong to no one! I am my own person! I am a queen in the making!" Odette made her decision. She chose Roth. A condescending pig would make a poor king.

"There will be war. Many lives will be lost. All I have to do is tell my mother. She will side with me." Aaron warned.

"Go ahead. We will gladly give our lives to the princess and her new prince." The captain of the knights proclaimed. The knights cheered again.

"Aaron! What is the meaning of this?" Queen demanded answers as did King. A messenger came back with them in tow.

"Mother! My Queen! This heretic has tarnished her reputation by deciding to marry some sorcerer. This is an insult to our kingdom. I declare war!" Aaron's temper ran hot. The more he said the more she cemented her choice.

"Your Majesty, if I may speak." Odette curtsied.

"You may speak." The Queen allowed.

"But mother!" Aaron whined.

"Silence boy! I want to hear what she has to say." King shut him up.

"Your Highness, Father, I have made my decision. This was not hasty nor is it foolish. These days have made me realize what's important for the kingdom can also be what's important to me. Roth knows this kingdom like the back of his hand. He would lead us to a new era of understanding the world around us. Please Queen, I know it is a lot to ask, but I wish to be courted by Roth."

The Queen thought. "Hmm, I suppose that's alright. Wedding preparations havent started, and the people dont seem to take kindly to my son. Theres another kingdom with a far more lady-like princess though not as beautiful. Very well. I annul your engagement." The Queen decreed.

"No! If Odette's beauty cant be mine then she can't live!" Aaron drew his sword and managed to slice her down her face from right eye to chin. Odette fell placing her hand on her eye. She looked up at Aaron with hate.

" Now no one will want you ugly duckling. I hope you suffer the rest of your days." Aaron sneered.

"That's enough! Odette!" The King raced to her side. She was fine. It looked worse than it was. "I also annul this engagement. A hot-headed selfish prince does not make a king."

Aaron's face was beet red with fury. He brought his sword down on her father. Luckily, Odette grabbed her father's sword and parried the blow. Roth looked after the King and Queen by surrounding the three of them with a ring of fire.

Odette and Aaron fought. In the end Aaron was outmatched. She put the sword to her throat. Oh how easy it wouldve been to slice his throat or shove the sword through his eye socket. But no. No he must suffer for the crimes hes committed. She pulled away and walked towards Roth. The two embraced. They're teamwork was far better than Aaron and hers had ever been.

Roth knew this was her fight which is why he didnt intervene. Odette appreciated that greatly. Aaron rode off to the kingdom with the other princess who would follow him obediently. The Queen sighed and looked at Odette.

"I am terribly sorry what my son has done to you. I pray it doesnt scar." Queen left promising to write.

Unfortunately, it did scar but neither Roth nor Odette minded. It was a testament to their struggle and how they overcame. From then on everything was the same except for Rith who now had to learn prince etiquette. He struggled but Odette was there to help him.

Surprisingly, the people were fine with Roth being the betrothed. He had earned their respect.

Later in the evening, Odette went to Roths new spacious room. She called off the guards and maids attending him. She was more than enough to handle any assassins. Odette thought she would just say goodnight and maybe learn a bit more magic, but Roth had other plans. He pinned her to the bed and kissed her. She was shocked bit it wasnt unpleasant. She found herself more drawn to him as he pulled away.

"My apologizes Odette. I have wanted to do that to you for so long."

She smiled and kissed him back though much more timidly. "Let's tread this new water together."


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