Those Mountains will Crumble

Those Mountains will Crumble

A Poem by M. Lumiére

In time, all things are withered and lost.

Those Mountains will Crumble

Peering at those beasts that hulk
and still at noon eat up the sun
an elder voice breaks my sulk
at sudden once my head is spun.

"Lo, behold the mountains tall
do you think they'll ever fall?"

"Lo, their age may be untold,
yet no stone can ageless hold!"

Alas, this I know as well
even giants say farewell
over spans of time untold
that no man may hope behold,
that only stars may hope recount
their solemn aged light surmount
alien to the voice of Man
whose echo since has upped and ran.

"Alo, winds and thunder stumble
off the beasts boasting humble."

"Alo, sure they age and rumble,
'tis true that they shall crumble!"

Rain befalls the mountains tall
by the moonlight droplets fly
and midnight shadows bawl
for in their year all time is nigh.

© 2019 M. Lumiére

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This reminds me a lot of one of my favorite poems, Ozymandias by Shelley (I'm a Breaking Bad fan, if you know the connection). Anyway, you've chosen some really lovely words here--you have the strong verbs with "crumble" and "bawl" but you also have your thematic words like "nigh" and "solemn." I wasn't personally a fan of the rhyme scheme in the middle--it felt a little sing-song-y for me, but that's just one man's opinion! Keep up the great work

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on November 30, 2018
Last Updated on April 10, 2019
Tags: poem, inevitability, mountains, dialogue


M. Lumiére
M. Lumiére

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