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I made it two years ago and its stupid.... ((IDK on Genre))



He was thinking when Eric walked in. He looked over to see Eric smiling as if something tremendous happened. Eric came over to Poison and hugged him till Poison started to whimper.

"Guess what Poison? I can take you out of the hospital now. Don't you worry about anything okay."

"My dear Madman, what do you mean that I get to leave? I am not well for I'm still very weak and I bruise easily."

"Doesn't mean you can't go out into the real world now does it. Come we shall pack your bags."

"I am not allowed to get up without a nurse present."

"I will pack it for you then." He smiled and walked out of the room. Poison called for a nurse. Usually it was Lavender, but this time it was a young girl who usually came to help her sister.

"Hello sir. How may I help you?" She stood there smiling. Poison was hesitant for a moment.

"Can you help me get out of this bed Miss..."

"You can call me Olivia sir."

"Well then Olivia will you help me up. Also you may call me Poison." She ran over and helped Poison.

"Where would you like to go?"

"Over to the desk. Oh and will you get me my cloths, a pen, and some paper?"

"I would love to."

"Thank you Olivia."

She ran out and came back a few moments later with his cloths.

"I shall go get you some paper and a pen while you dress. Is that okay Poison."

"That is fine Olivia and Thank you again." She ran back out to go get him the paper and pen. Poison started to get dressed. It was easy for him to get on his (clean) underwear and pants. The shirt was really tricky. When Olivia got back she saw he was having trouble with the shirt. She came over and sat the stuff down. She then helped Poison get his shirt on.

"There you go Poison. Would you like anything else?"

"Yes I would Olivia. Will you slow down Eric who is packing my items?"

"I would be delighted to Poison." With that she skipped out the room joyfully. After she left Poison started to write.

The Letter

My Dear MadMan,

I wish for you to know why I have left. I can't go with you Eric, for I am scared of the world. I know that even if I run I will be out in the world, but I would like it if you didn't try to find me. Eric you are the only family I have left. I wish not to hurt you anymore. I know you mean well but you're not enough to stop me. Please Forgive me Eric, but I must live on my own now. If you somehow do find me I will only run away again. I know you always told me to face my problems, but I need to run this time. I'm sorry, but I have blinded you in your right eye and caused you to break one of your arms. I love you my dear cousin. I wish you well and happiness. I again I repeat, DO NOT try to find me. My heart is breaking for telling you that I must leave you. I also want you to know it was my fault. I was the one who burned down my parents house. I killed my mother, my father, my brother, your father, your sisters and I killed our grandmother. I was mad at my parents. I didn't mean to kill your sisters or my brother. They said they were going to a movie and I thought they left, but I was wrong. They didn't so they died in the fire. I cried so hard that night. I can barely sleep without hearing their screams. I was only seven at the time. I'm so sorry Eric. That’s why I always woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Oh Eric I wish I could hug you one more time, but I have to go now. I love you Eric.

Love your cousin,

Poison Hollow

Eric came in a little annoyed at the girl who was following him. He dropped the bags when he saw that his beloved cousin was gone. All he saw was the note left behind.

"Did you know that he was going to run away Olivia?" He asked as he tuned to look at the surprised little girl.

"No I didn't. He just asked me to preoccupies you. I thought he just wanted to write on the paper without any interruptions." She walked over to the desk and grabbed the note. She read it, then handed it to Eric. Eric read the note three times before breaking down to a soft cry. His little baby cousin was gone and didn't want to be found. He felt guilty for leaving Poison alone. A nurse walked in to see what was going on.

"Where did Mr. Hollow go?"

"He ran away Miss." Olivia whispered over to her. Olivia rubbed Eric's back while they watched the nurses look for Poison. Eric was sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

© 2010 BeyondReach

Author's Note

I have no idea....It was the attack of plot bunnies....Two years ago it was coming along no I have no idea....

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it was your past so just leave it and move forward to your destination.I welcome you to

Posted 12 Years Ago

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delaware, OH

I can write but I don't like it that much!! ^^" One of my friends told me about this place so I guess I'll see.... more..