High Times

High Times

A Story by BeyondReach

A about a strange Girl!


The First Period.

"Honey I need the nurse." "Nursey, Nania needs you" "Okay I'm coming Tory." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She came running in and helped calm Nania down. Finally the baby popped out. “Oh how cute but those eyes, they're different colors.” That’s was right one was red and other was green. "What should we call her Nania?" “I think her name is already given" "What do you mean." "Nursey will tell you Tory." "Her name is Delilah." "I love it Nania." "Nursey loves the name to." "That’s that she is now Delilah.” A few years later when she turned five she went to school. “How rude can you be to her, you don’t do that Toby.” “Sorry Mrs. Carter I won’t do it again.” “Say sorry to her.” “Sorry freak and stuff.” “Shut up you stupid boy.” “Delilah say sorry now.” “NO, NEVER TO HIM” she yelled and ran away. Toby was a year older and was pretty brave to pick on a fifth grader. But when it came to Delilah he went easy, not that she was younger, it was in his eyes she was cute. But no one else did besides her parents and Nursey. “Toby go play nice with the other kids.” “Mrs. Carter am I aloud to like her?” “Yes, why Toby?” “No one else likes her. And I like her a lot.” “Then why are you so mean to her?” “I’m not; I go easy on her more than a short fourth grader.” Sigh. “Okay go play.” He ran over to Delilah. “Hey girly, what are you doing.” “What’s it to you stupid.” “Well you’re um I don’t know.” “Killing this sparrow.” He looked away in discuss and this pleased her very much. “Um can’t you stop please girly.” “Yes, if you stop calling me girly okay stupid.” “Alright Delilah.” She put down the sparrow and ran beside him. “Yo, Toby you and the freak are up on my list today.” “Really Todd you scaredy cat.” He came rushing up but Delilah step in front of him and held her hand out. Suddenly Todd was in the air. Toby pushed Carie inside the building to hide. “Stop you stupid baby” “What did you say freak” he roared at her. “I said you are a s-t-u-p-i-d b-a-b-y.” “That’s what I thought freak.” “Put him down Delilah” Mrs. Carter yelled running up. Todd started to think (this isn’t Carie’s doing.) Everyone knew Carie had special powers and he would use them to stop Todd from hurting people. That’s why Toby made Carie hide. But for the first time everyone saw what Carie was trying to say. It was not me he would say and he knew it was Delilah. Oh however he did possesses the power to read minds. (I know it’s so cheesy.) Delilah starts to lift him higher in the air, squeezing his breath out of him.

© 2010 BeyondReach

Author's Note

IDK!!! It was the Plot Bunnies People! So many Plot Bunnies!

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Added on October 14, 2010
Last Updated on October 14, 2010
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delaware, OH

I can write but I don't like it that much!! ^^" One of my friends told me about this place so I guess I'll see.... more..

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A Story by BeyondReach