A spontaneous life isn't for all..

A spontaneous life isn't for all..

A Story by Billiejago

Woes and Lows of a professional tourist.

Some try it, and decide it isn't for them.
Some prefer routine, a sense of 'direction', or a 'stable' income and 'stable' plans. 

 Backpacking and travelling isn't for everyone. 

Many have tried, and decided a life of living out of a bag just isn't for them. There is no right or wrong way of becoming and being a traveller, or a right or wrong way to feel when you are in the depths of it. Everyone will experience different moments; memorable for either the good or the bad. 

With being as spontaneous as I know I am, there are downsides to being a professional tourist. 

1- How can you possibly fit your life into a case?!
The simple answer is- you can't! When you travel you learn what is important, sentimental, and memorable to you. Take those things and, of course, your essentials! For some people, the thought of being without a certain item seems impossible; but it is strange how your material priorities change once you have limited space.

2- Asian and European beds.
Where to start? You never realise the luxury of your own bed until you move away. You see your new bed, whether it be in a hostel or your rented room, and immediately want to belly flop onto it and...!! Ouch. It is a lot harder than it appears! Appreciate your bed- for many out there will give you pains upon waking!

3- Repeating first conversations
It is amazing, when travelling, to come across so many colourful and diverse people. It is definitely one of my favourite things about changing location so much. However, sometimes, you do tend to find yourself having the same introductory conversation three or four times a day. 
"Hi my name is.. and I'm from...." "Where are you going next?" I've been in.." 
 Appreciate those around you, and listen to others as you like to be heard. We take these minimal every day luxuries for granted, but a known listening ear is a wondrous thing. 

4- Saying goodbye
This is the hardest thing for a person who lives their life all over the world. You meet people, they become your best friend for such a short period of time but you get to know them better than anyone due to the circumstances and situations you are in with these people. When it comes to moving on and saying goodbye, it is the worst! Do you hug? Handshake? Cry hysterically? You have exchanged details and have every intention of seeing them again, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. To all those people I have met along the way- I love each and every one of you!

5- Meeting so many new people, they all have nicknames
On a daily basis abroad, you meet new people. So many new people in fact, that it is impossible to remember names. 'The German', 'the red head' or even famous lookalikes- 'Nicky Clarke' or 'Pharrell' (Ok, that was wishful thinking!) 

6- Cleanliness will take on a whole new meaning
Your standards will change, you expectations will become fewer. When you do find that hostel or apartment that doesn't have bed bugs and dirt sprayed all over the windows and floors, you will appreciate being able to walk around without having to shower the dirt off twice a day.

7- Wifi is your long lost best friend
When you discover a place has internet, you run towards it as if you have never been given such an amazing piece of news! Internet is notoriously bad in most of the places I have come to visit. Connections dropping in and out, causing myself and the other person to sound as if we are talking like robots. I have found that the cure for this problem is just to simply speak like a robot even if the connection is good. It works. Trust me.

8- After 3 days, you call it home
When you live a life of adventure as a professional tourist, you tend to move on a lot. You will find a place, fall in love with a place, and then it will be time to move on. Your feet will start to itch and the rumblings of spontaneity are waiting to erupt at any minute. However, for that short period of time you are there, you find yourself calling it home. You feel you know every street, and feel at ease in a place you have spend a lot longer than many other locations. 

In short, I love being a wanderer. Roaming continents and cities, and being in love with places I have yet to visit. 
Everyone is able to have the ideas of becoming a traveller, but making it a reality can seem difficult. Wandering paths never walked can be the greatest adventure, and makes you appreciate the simple things a lot more.

© 2014 Billiejago

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Added on April 27, 2014
Last Updated on April 27, 2014
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