My Effort

My Effort

A Poem by Blacke Hennessey

I tried, I tried, I tried
Year after year, month after month, week handing over to another week
Not to mention the days...

Average in intelligence though I would never let the 'bright' woosies at the front the class know
I pride myself on arriving to class late, all through the eighth grade
The stuffed turkey who dishes out assignments like its the book of Psalm to soothe our soul
looked at me from head to toe
"Young man, you had better start coming early for space in the principal's office is plenty"

The fear those words struck in my tender heart, I accepted the challenge for a brand new start
Yet though I conditioned my mind at 6'o clock to wake, the bed would not let me escape
I wallowed in its warmth and yawned wide, instead of getting up I turned to the other side
There it was that I arrived to school late but the old t**d of a teacher never saw my face

On it went and I really tried for determination to rise and be like the first bird never died
So fed up was I, myself, with being late that went down on my knees and decided to pray
"Dear, Father it's me your unworthy child I need Your help before I cry
You helped when I was little and busted my head, if it weren't for You then I would be dead
I know You might not hear this but I would like to be, before I die, early as one as another child"

The prayer was sealed and hope kept, I went to bed that Thursday and sweetly slept
My senses became alert and then I knew that my prayer had worked
I pounced to the window and peeped outside, sky was pitch black not a bird had begun to fly
I dressed pristine and preened myself like a parrot, feeling so good I ate a carrot

I marched to school feeling so confident, chin jutting with pride
I swear (but don't tell the hussies at the front of the class), I had tears in my eyes

The wind was fresh and strong carrying a sense of freedom, earth strong
The trees waved and bowed as I approached the school yard
I froze at the gate and beheld the dry, withered leaves forming a mini tornado by the wind
The huge padlock was strung across the gate and I hung my head for it seemed
I was forever late

© 2012 Blacke Hennessey

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Added on May 2, 2012
Last Updated on May 2, 2012
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Blacke Hennessey
Blacke Hennessey

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica

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