Ever Changing Clouds

Ever Changing Clouds

A Poem by Bohrium Guy

When the mind sits idle and forgets that life continues even if we think we are standing still in time....


The sky vast and blue driven in cotton defined,

Where puffs of white clouds dance intertwined.

Sun beaming rays golden in much care and caress,

Moving about with time and without moral distress.

Brilliantly painting a minds imagination of figures,

Hang in the vast space as they continue the rigors.

Look to shapes your mind can twist and create,

Shapes and faces imagery we all try to relate.

Time the pastel colors change with due course,

Erasing the artwork without time in remorse.

Sunsets beyond the shining of earths sight,

Replace by the darkness moon given light.

Our visions change constantly without control,

As the clock ticks ahead change again whole.

Our lives don't stop only our train of thought,

We humans seem to forget how we were taught.

© 2018 Bohrium Guy

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Added on August 12, 2018
Last Updated on August 12, 2018
Tags: Imagery, Sky Scape, Clouds, Time, Moving, Thought


Bohrium Guy
Bohrium Guy

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