A world created out of love

A world created out of love

A Poem by BowlofSarah

She appears in his eyes

and is suddenly all that he can see.

Drawn to her

He inches closer

and closer.

Details emerge

anticipation builds

thoughts and wonders pop up so fast!

Energy compounds

as he inches towards her

Then. He reaches her....

Instinctively she turns around

to find herself face-to-face with a beautiful stranger.


the energy spills out of each of them

hanging and swirling

mixing in the air.

Eventually you can no longer tell whose energy is whose

You can no longer tell where his ends and her energy begins.

In this moment, their souls are one.

And their love creates a world around them.


Trees grow from seeds

and reach for the sky

with branches that whisper welcomes in the wind to all who come near.

“Come! Experience all that I shelter! I have a world of my own, you see.

Birds that sing

Squirrels that chirp and scurry away.

Spiders that creep under my leaves

and snakes that lurk about.

Grass and dirt to cushion your feet as you step along on your journey.

Mountains so high

that you will think they are touching the sky! ”

I have water that ebbs and flows with such grace

as to leave you enchanted for days!

It wanders with purpose and contentment, on it's journey to the sea

The sea rushes in wakes of love

and roars as it thunderously crashes onto my shores.

Mixing my sands to create new lands.

Come, stay in my world, if you please.”

the trees whisper in the wind to all who come near.

Desires are born

agendas are formed

and journeys are started.

Buildings rise

with chimneys that billow smoke

roads are paved.

Cars bustle and whistle about,

as humans race against time

to accomplish their dreams.

Brushing past each other.

Perhaps missing fate!

Oh but not to worry, fate has a way of circling round again.

This life is but a dream

and though it changes, some things always stay the same.

And thus, a world was formed, out of love, for them to explore with each other.

Experiences to be had

flavors to be tasted

scents to be smelled

and no time to be wasted!

© 2014 BowlofSarah

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Added on March 6, 2014
Last Updated on March 6, 2014



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