Plastic Girl

Plastic Girl

A Story by Boxcat

The girl strode onto the stage. Her head was half-shaved, and the other side had long blonde hair that hung to her waist. She was dressed in pink latex. Her outfit consisted of many sharp edges, including the famous triangle sleeves. She looked like she had come off of a comic book, and she could not have looked any better. She stepped into the center spotlight. The crowd went wild. She held the microphone out in front of her and waited for the cheers to die down. She spoke a single word. “Plastic” The crowd suddenly started to scream. The girl smiled as the people around her started to reach for their faces. Their bodies started to burn. The skin peeled off revealing the muscles underneath. There were shouts of pain as their bodies started to decay. The girl made simply dropped the microphone and walked off stage.

The girl had been heard of before. She had been a world famous singer. She had dozens of hit albums and was rich enough to afford five houses and exotic cruises. She had given millions of dollars to organizations and was known to be caring and a light in the darkness. The thing is, no one could understand what truly happened. Some say it was a terrorist attack. Some say it was a lethal gas emitted due to some technical outlet. Some say that it was just made up by the news companies. No one had thought to blame her.

The girl never appeared in public again. She posted on her social media’s that she was never producing any more music. The experience had been too traumatic for her. They all believed her. She sold latex suit online and became a recluse.

But if you want to know the full story: What really happened to the girl,How and why she killed all of those people, When she first heard of Caleb, and where Caleb is now. If you want to know the answers to these questions, I will tell you a story. It might not be true. It might change your life. It might change the way you look at a glass of water. But it might not. After all,

Never trust the author.

© 2019 Boxcat

Author's Note

I found this in my Journal and I never finished it. I like it, so maybe one day I'll finally tell her story.

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Added on December 4, 2019
Last Updated on December 4, 2019



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