Seaside Love

Seaside Love

A Story by Bullet Soul

 The scene is beautiful, the kind that any normal person would long to be a part of. The smell of lilacs is fragrant in the distance, reminding her of the years that have passed. Behind her is the house of her dreams, the small friendly home on the beach that she had always dreamed of. Inside her husband cooks her favorite meal with love, but outside she is longing for you.

She can only imagine what they would call her. A w***e, a cheater. Words that would bring tears to her soft blue eyes, words that would slowly kill her inside. But yes, she would risk them to be with you. She'd risk anything.

She watches your boat in the distance, riding against the waves at sea. Both of them hold fishing rods, born for the relaxation of the waters in front of you. Both of them travelers, unsatisfied with being tied down, with staying in one place for too long.

Suddenly she feels a pull at the end of her rod, and yanks it out of the water as hard and as fast as she can, just as he taught her years before as innocent children. She wore the remains of a ring pop on her finger, promising to be his wife. It's amazing how things turn out.

She throws the fish back in the water the second she removes the hook from it's mouth, and suddenly she hears a laugh from beside her.. “But what will you have for dinner?” his voice asks you. Her heart melts at the sound of his laughter, and she turns to face the gorgeous sight of him.

“Dinner won't be the same without you, anyways.” She says, watching him watch her. “Are you sure you have to leave? You know you could... stay.”

He shakes his head, a contemplative look on his face. But in seconds it turns into a frown and he mutters “it would never work, Krissy.”

She turns from him to stare at the water beneath her, and from her place on the dock she longs to be out at sea, alone. Love causes the greatest pain.

“I have always loved you, James,” she whispers, tears tugging at your eyes. “But now is time to move on. This is the last time I will see you.”

He nods, for he already knows. This they have discussed during the endless nights they spent together, underneath the betraying moonlight, underneath the stars that had promised to stay lit forever, only to die out in the night.

Suddenly he is close to her, leaning against her on the dock, his warm breath against her cheek. “Your heart is always mine, Kristina.” He whispers, pulling her into an embrace.

And in a second he is gone, headed back down the shore to the home of his own, the one he will leave in the night, never to return, as by her wishes. She stands, letting her skirt trail across the ground, and retrieves her wedding ring from the dock beside her. “Goodbye,” she mutters, and turns back to the home she always dreamed of.

© 2010 Bullet Soul

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Added on November 11, 2010
Last Updated on November 11, 2010