A Poem by forLOVEforLOSS

Darkness is found in everyone, some more than most.

The light eludes me, there is no escape.
With desperation my voice cries into the night, screaming and moaning; no one hears,
I am alone.
Desperately I look around only to find emptiness;
There is no world left, the ancient pieces surround me.
Searching through this broken world my hands begin to bleed,
The jagged edges of life cut me, wound me, tare into my flesh and soul.
Childish fantasies of a life with happiness flee from the darkness that surrounds me.
The night is cold.
My body reeks with devastation; pain is drawn with every breath,
I cry only to find tears of blood dripping down my face,
My mind cries for sanity, my body cries for warmth,
You have left me; I am abandoned to the darkness,
I cry once more hope quickly fleeing from my voice.
I am nothing, I am alone.
Weariness sweeps through me, I want to leave but know I can't,
The presence of darkness fallows me even in my dreams,
I can feel the pain in my dreams,
I fight away my fears.
My demons fallow me, they never stop the chase, I want to walk, not run.
I stop, only to feel the weight of life down on me and death pushing me heaven bound,
I turn and fight�to no avail.
I am the darkness, I am the pain, my being belongs to the night.
I am darkness.

© 2008 forLOVEforLOSS

Author's Note

Ignore the grammer, i quickly typed it up

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Sorry about the last review, didn't have enough time to finish it. But this is reall amazing an its very comforting to me that there is someone with the same thoughts that a written down that go through both of our minds everyday yet some other people don't -want- to realize. I love it,

Great work,

Posted 14 Years Ago

Wow. Its truly amazing how much you write alike myself :]

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 25, 2008
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Appleton, WI

not much to tell more..