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I sat around at home, smelling the musty winter air that swarm around me. I smiled out the window, thinking about those animals that were preparing for hibernation, about to have the greatest family, or even taking care of their current ones. Reminded me about my own family, though were we a weird group. Nikki, the second oldest of about 5 of my kids, was probably the most weird one. She loved joking around about sexual content, but don't let me get too carried away. She is a fun, loving child, and I couldn't be more blessed.

Jeremy is my son, who is probably one of the funniest children I have. He’s also probably the most mature out of a few. He has a job, and he’s a very smart kid who I also love dearly. There’s also Odessa, or she calls herself Roxy. She plans to rule the world someday, and surprised me not, I believe her completely. She has that secret power thing that she can convince anyone anything. Trust me, it’s a little creepy. She’s also the oldest, and she gets a bit too carried away sometimes with the younger siblings. But she has the life, making them do her chores for her as she “plans to rule the world of all it’s chaos.”

Alec is the quiet one out of my kids. He’s a sweet, and also as smart as Jeremy. I’m sure he could walk through a labyrinth and get out in about 10 minutes tops. He’s been having some girl problems, but hey, it’s a start to a teenager’s life. Savannah, my sweetheart of the kid group, also exists. Everyone calls her Savii, so whatever. She’s super pretty, and I’m surprised she isn’t swarmed with men. Her boyfriend, Marvin, I’m sure thinks he’s a lucky son of a b***h.

Then there’s my boyfriend Nathan. Even thinking of his name sends butterflies to my stomach. He’s a quiet fellow, mostly close to Savii than the others. He’s also good friends with Nikki’s girlfriend, Evanna, who I will mention later. Nathan is actually pretty hilarious, and I’m sure that’s where my kids get it from. (Though, most of them are from previous boyfriends. One in which, Nikki and I call a whale, so therefore, Nikki is half whale.) Nikki could argue for days on the last statement.

My brother Riley is one of my favourite people. He’s always here for me when I need something, like advice, nothing sexy. (You know you thought that.) His ex and him broke up after dating a little after a year, and I’m sure he’s still a little devastated, but honestly, he’s one of the jolliest people I know. Though, he’s really weird and the only one in our family with an English accent.

There’s my human dog, also named Riley, who is probably one hell of a “dog.” He’s super hilarious, and makes me laugh no matter what mood I’m in. The downside about him is that he s***s on my hardwood floor, carpets, and even my bed. Silly b*****d.

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Added on December 13, 2012
Last Updated on December 13, 2012
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I'm 16 1/2. Been dating the same guy for over a year. I have amazing friends. I'm inspired to write when I have nice dreams, I guess that's weird. more..