Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

A Story by EmotionalPanties

The boy's name is Jason..

this story is the final peice to the puzzle. June 15th 2011... A wonderful, caring, beautiful, loving, understanding, girl died by her own hand. But it is not that black and white, theres a lot behind the the actions that were made that horrific night. She was in love with a boy who wasnt quite ready to love another again, she had a deep love for him, the kind that dosnt just go away, but the boy didnt feel the same way, He felt they would be better off as friends, but was afraid to tell her, he seemed to make her so happy, and he couldnt bring himself to crush her. 
Until June 15th, when he finaly did, they were on a walk, they sat down in the grass and the boy whispered in her ear "Darlin, I really need to tell you something, I love you, I really do, but not in the same way you love me, i think we should be frineds from here on." He kissed her cheek gently and held her close, she just looked at him, kissed him in the forehead and asked him to walk her home. Once home she kissed him in the lips hugged him tight, and went indoors. The boy went home without a care in the world. He thought sh took it well, little did he know that this night would be the worst night of his life. 
He walked into his home, and layed down in bed to think, less than an hour later at 7:25 PM he received a phone call, it was her. The phone call was brief, but still rings through his head at night when he cant sleep, she spoke quickly but everword seemed to stick into his head like a knife. "I love you, and I understand this was all fake to you, but it wasnt to me, just remmeber that this was and always will be the best time of my life, I will miss you, I love you, dont you dare forget that babe.... I love you" She barely finished her scentnece before a gunshot filled the room and distorted the sound on the phone. After that the line went, She had just took her own life. 
This boy knew it was his fault, and he picked up his 1 month anniversary present he got from her, a short but sharp knife, after 20 minutes of just contemplating, he thrust the blade straight through his neck, and began to bleed imensley. Now his friends had heard of the break up, and decided to stop by and see him, they came into his room to find him drowning in his own blood, they drove him to ER and got him all fixed up, to this day his friends dont know exactly what happened that night, they eleive he was sharpening his knife and that he simply fell. 
This boy still has the scar on his neck, and refuses to part from the knife... guilt is a horrible thing, and he still lives with it everyday, he barely sleeps anymore, almost never eats, and tends to keep to himself.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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Awwwww :'( I think I felt my heart breaking while reading this... it's amazing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 21, 2012
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