Diaspora : The Hosts

Diaspora : The Hosts

A Story by Carol Maric

This piece might be restored. Please feel free to read all the reviews below. Thank You All ! (a microfiction)


This piece might be restored.
Please feel free to read all the reviews below.  Thank You All !

© 2008 Carol Maric

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Very sinister sounding from the definitions of the words used: diaspora, with it's connotation of the dissipation of a people, while also suggesting something exceedingly sinister in the dissipation of the "poisons". That the poisons worked their way out by the third generation, suggesting a genetic or environmental affliction, also suggests (just based on what I know from the author's previous work) an conceptual affliction of the "language as a virus" variety. Perhaps an idea, an evil, poisonous idea, that must be worked out of the group (by the third generation) is replaced by new poisons, new ideas that harm the group. The question is, from where do the poisons originate?

The clinical retelling of this sequence is suggestive of a medical text, perhaps a dispassionate analysis of a cultural event. Or, perhaps more ominously, the author/speaker/narrator is a representative of the force that has afflicted the group.

Posted 16 Years Ago

an organic living thing can be defined by what it eats, what eats it and the environment in which it lives. Hosts here echo an impermanent vehicle transporting a living entity called poison (viral DNA dreams; the SINS of the Fathers and Mothers) in which we participate and thrive. Proliferation is always followed by degeneration. We are a bridge, an organic highway from which DIRT evolves to STARS and then back to DIRT again. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum ...

I'll look to microfiction and see the various reflections that can be ...

Posted 16 Years Ago

diasporai of imagination into artists living in green fields. when the summer comes, june 24, naked in a circle the dances build the palace of thread-to-sun.

Posted 16 Years Ago

Carol -

The feeder always becomes the fodder.

Do you think that there can be an essential (in the philosophical sense) difference between the new and the old poisons? Arbitrary and fickle time designators feel pretty empty to me.

I'm curious - and maybe I'm just not catching onto something - what book are you referring to in your author's note?

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Carol Maric
Carol Maric

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