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PROTEAN NotUnTitled: The Philosophical Cantos / Canto I / WaitHereEyeSolAtes Cantos (III) . . . Nota Bene: This book is my Inferno. [not about or inspired by the Dadaist movement]


© 2007 Carol Maric - Being: The Obsession, Continued . . . A Raging Epidemic !

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This is more than art. This is pure fun. This is what covering your jean backed notebook is all about, it's like the inventor of the peace sign using the semaphore letters N and D for nuclear disarmament then inverting it and drawing a circle around it. Pure fun and it makes people scratch their heads because they are wondering what fun is. lol

Posted 16 Years Ago

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I love your work.

Posted 14 Years Ago

One has to be very talented and very creative to accomplish what you did. I set here in total awe. Well done.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Woah...I had to get up and walk around a bit after this. The first line says it all. I think that you should have that as a moniker in quotes on youre business card. I was envisoining Tom Waits and perhaps Phillip Glass or Kronos Quartet accompanying you as you perform these ochre dialects on stage. I was trying to read between the lines, to see if this was indeed color coded madness. I got more confused, this is fucken lovely...plain and simple. I saw Ornette Coleman at the Masonic Center in S.F. a week ago, and as I was listening to him ( w/ two stand up bassists and one electric), I though about his theory of ' Harmolodics' of which he has attempted over his four decades composing to alleviate melody from the traditional restraints and role in harmony. He pionered 'free jazz' and came up with his own language. You are doing for poetry in this piece what he did for jazz. Thank you....

Posted 16 Years Ago

this poem made me sick to read with all the combing of the words and the mixing up of letters. being dislexic it is hard for me to read.

Posted 16 Years Ago

This piece made me realize i've forgotten passion.
Or maybe that i must be more sick than i thought.
Talk about sucking on a swollen neck, i feel like i'd drown.
This was beautiful and ugly.
I think the only reason i found it ugly because i read your reviews
and people really jump on the LSD bit. which to me, is completely stupid part to get sucked into.
This piece has a christmas tree feel to it, the farther you read down the page the more gifts you see tucked in. It's not just lights and candy canes.

I keep thinking about how awesome it would be blown up. On a wall or mural. Maybe carved into a photograph.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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KinderPENache INwithOUT yOUR GRACEfall ... eyesCRAWl mINdFULLy heARTist

loved this hemisynch language ...

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Well, one thing is certain, letters are abound.

I'm gonna be honest, I started to read the poem but had to skip to the end quite quickly. It's creative, it's unique, it's almost assuredly a product of the affects of LSD, but to put it plain and simply: it was giving me a headache.

I am jealous though. How was the acid?


Posted 16 Years Ago

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This is a difficult read. I don't know that I understood it all. I liked it though. It is unique. It is definately a work of art on the page. Well done, I say. I will have to revisit this when I am more awake and see if it is easier then.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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I think the reason most people give you good reviews is because you are so popular as a result of spamming every new arrival that they are embarrassed to admit they don�t understand what the hell you are trying to say. Dress it up with fonts and trickery all you like, most of what you write makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I am intelligent well-read and vastly experienced poet and I am willing to say that it is not my lack of understanding that makes your writing impenetrable, it is your inability (or reluctance) to actually say anything. Now you can go all modernist and existential on me, but the fact is if you didn�t spam the living f**k out of your work noone would read it and everyone would be willing to say that it makes no sense.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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it looks cool, but i'm not certain i understand the meaning.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Carol Maric
Carol Maric

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