Why Is The Lab Fume Hood The First Piece Of Equipment That You Should Buy For Your New Laboratory?

Why Is The Lab Fume Hood The First Piece Of Equipment That You Should Buy For Your New Laboratory?

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Lab fume hoods are a vital part of the modern laboratory. You can find several such essential types of equipment these days which ensure lab safety.


Lab fume hoods are a vital part of the modern laboratory. You can find several such essential types of equipment these days which ensure lab safety. It is important that you should buy that equipment which can meet your specific requirements. Of course, your budget is also important in this regard. However, safety equipment is crucial for a lab to properly function. Fume hoods can lower toxic fumes inside your lab. These fumes are otherwise quite dangerous and may even cause fatalities. Thus, fume hoods are extremely popular and these can remove all toxic gas from your lab's working environment.

What Are The Popular Types Of Fume Hoods Available Today?

Lab fume hoods are just one of the popular safety equipment for modern labs. You can find several types of fume hoods these days like the ducted fume hood, laminar flow hoods, and biosafety cabinets. You need to learn about the specific functionalities of these equipment before you make a purchase.

Ducted Fume Hood

A ducted fume hood can offer a higher degree of ventilation with more protection. These fume hoods have a ventilation system outside the working environment where the toxic air gets released. These systems can be best suited for labs where you have severe toxic by-products. These systems will effectively filter dangerous gases and fumes. You will also get a constant airflow of pure, fresh air inside the lab.

Bio-safety Cabinets

Bio-safety cabinets are a novel form of the fume hood. These types of systems will be able to handle various types of sensitive elements that can protect your lab workers. The cabinets can purify the air inside your lab with HEPA filters. Air can enter through filters and is purified inside the cabinet. These cabinets can effectively deal with toxic gases. You can get a bio-safety cabinet when you do not have a lot of experiments that create toxic by-products.

Ductless flow hoods:

Ductless fume hoods are suitable for labs that have a large working environment. If you have a broad surface area inside your lab then you may consider getting these flow hoods. These systems require various filters for purifying the air. These systems will also provide fresh, clean air inside the room and remove the toxic air outside. You can use these systems to remove minute particulate matter too. So, if you have a lab with low ventilation then you should consider using ductless flow hoods. These hoods are quite affordable and hence, small labs tend to use them more often.

Laminar flow hoods

A laminar flow hood system can provide you with a lot of ventilation, especially in the region that is closest to the source of the contamination. The laminar hoods provide a constant airflow of pure, clean air and remove the toxic air outside the lab’s working area. It provides a constant crosscurrent of clean air. These flow hoods are quite portable and you can easily place them inside the lab, near your equipment which produces the most toxic by-products. These systems will also remove particulate matter. Laminar flow hoods are so popular in labs because they are easy to use and maintain. Additionally, these are portable and flexible. You can use flow hoods in both large and small labs. There are two types of laminar flow hoods: vertical and horizontal. You can consider getting eight feet free standing laminar flow hood if you have a large lab.

Choosing The Right Lab Safety Equipment

You should definitely choose the most appropriate lab equipment regardless of the size of your lab. But, you must consider certain factors like the location and layout of your lab before buying any product. Also, you need to check into consideration the type of work that you generally do in your lab and the quantity of toxic fumes that your experiments generally produce. However, a lab fume hood should be your first priority. You can buy top quality lab-safety equipment from both online and offline stores. However, online stores will offer you better deals and more discounts.


It is crucial that you adequate safety measures inside your laboratories. Lab fume hoods can ensure the safety of lab workers from exposure to toxic fumes. 

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