A Story by Colossus

The Lady takes a slave


She came out of the shadows, a tall, lithe woman with long legs and short hair. Black hair, with that bluish tint. Ice blue eyes framed by a Goddess’ face. Her black leather heels clicked as she strode toward him, a lioness stalking her prey.

He stood transfixed, a cold fear he couldn’t understand anchoring him in place.

She smiled, her eyes lighting up as her gaze fell on him. Her low-cut leather bodice amplified her alabaster chest and cleavage, the tight skirt swaying with her ample hips.

He drew in a trembling breath as she slowly walked closer, trying to force himself to back away but he could not.

“I have been looking for you.”, her voice magical, raspy, and commanding.

Still frozen in place, the man again tried to step back, the effort showing on his face.

“You are strong-willed.”, now she reached out as she approached, brushing her hand down his left arm, “But there are none that can resist me and it is far better if you do not struggle my love.”

His mouth tried to form the words to respond. She smiled again and the world seemed to explode. Fear, excitement, and that breathless feeling in his chest reverberated through his mind.

“Wait!”, somehow he spoke the words, his legs finally responding he took a cautious step back.

“Yes, you are the strongest by far!”, the glee lighting her face, she grabbed him before he could flee and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug.

Now her scent hit his nostrils, so sweet, so dangerous, a musky mix of orgasm and death. She was the ultimate predator. His legs failed him and he fell to his knees as he slipped from her hug, leaning back against the brick wall of the building.

His face felt hot as he blinked his eyes to clear them. His breathing came in ragged gasps. She stood above him, now forcing her lower tummy into his face. She grabbed him by the hair, forcing him to look up at her.

“You serve me now and forever! Do you not love me?”, her voice both commanded and pleaded.

“I have no power against you. “, he whispered, now clutching at her hips.

As he looked she smiled, showing her ivory fangs. They gleamed brightly in the fading light.

“Be still my slave, for no harm shall come to you if you remain loyal to me.”, she assured him.

She let go of his hair and gently brushed his forehead and cheek.

The world faded to black as he fainted at her touch.


Then slowly light began filtering through as if through a fine cloth. Candles, their flames small against the blackness, lit the room but only dimly.

He was on a bed, a luxurious bed with burgundy silk sheets. Silk curtains surrounded the bed on all sides and opaqued the already faint lights.

A hand touched his chest and he gasped. She was in the bed with him, beside him.

She rolled over him, crossing her right leg across his legs, and then straddling him, that beaming smile all he could see.

“Now for the initiation my love...”, she bent over and kissed him, a deep longing kiss.

Her hands grabbed his shoulders, her hips slowly gyrating until she found his already full penis. She pulled him in slowly, inch by inch, he moaned through her still locked kiss. Soon she pulled him in all the way in and back all the way out to the tip, then slowly back in again, all the time swaying her lovely hips.

Colors and lights went off in his head, he seemed stuck in a perpetual orgasm, his body stiff but unable to move. Breaths ragged, a great wind seemed to be rushing through his mind, a roaring that moved with the rhythm of her voluptuous body.

Now she moaned loudly as she neared her peak, rising up and thrusting her hips violently against him, while he tried to match her, his moans mixing with hers in a wolfish song of lust and release.

In time their movements faded to a slow crescendo, locked again in a deep kiss, her hands brushing his hair, massaging his broad shoulders. Both were covered in a fine sheen of sweat for their efforts.

“Ah such beautiful music you make my slave”, she purred, “I could lay here with you forever!”

Her eyes burned with a red glow, one of satisfaction.

“But alas, we must finish the rite!”, and with this she grabbed him by the hair with her left hand, her right grasping his phallus and balls like a angry cat.

He yelped and screamed, not expecting the sudden bolt of pain that cascaded through his body.

“Wait! Ple-please wait!”, was all he could say, a look of sheer horror lighting his face.

“Shh...”, her grip tightened a bit on his hair, “this is so you understand what will happen should you ever betray me!”

“Please! I will never betray you! I am yours forever!”, he choked, trying in vain to squirm away but stopping each time she squeezed harder. He lay still then, trying to control his fear.

Slowly she moved her right leg between his legs, brushing her stockinged knee against his inner thighs.


Long moments passed as he pleaded in halting words while she kissed him deeply, low moans all he could manage as her grip relaxed and then tensed.

She let go her grip on his genitalia and slammed her knee up into his crotch, watching as his face contorted from the awesome pain, while hers broke into a broad, toothy smile and a playful giggle.

Now she turned soft again, brushing back his hair, kissing him lovingly, holding him tight against her breast.

“Please no more Mistress, I am yours!” he whispered pleadingly, tears blossoming in his eyes.

“Yes you are and so you shall be always!”

© 2011 Colossus

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First of all, your descriptions were nothing short of amazing! The scene was very well constructed, and the dialogue was perfect - not too much dialogue, which kept it dramatic. Excellent! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

In spite of his movement from standing to falling on knees to bed .. the man seemed to be a prisoner.slave from the moment the succubus appeared; the story became more a trial by ordeal, actions galore.. all written in a well defined style that romps along very enjoyably. I wonder if you've plans to develop this, to write more, that last phrase suggests more to come?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow, I like the way this one played out. Very good concept and it's interesting to see a succubus as opposed to vampires who sparkle. Just sayin'.

Well done grammar and spelling, too. No complaints there.

I see it's formatted for submission. I do mine that way too, but I also adjust the spaces between paragraphs so that it's easier to read. Not that this is hard or poorly done. Just anal-rententive where my own stuff is concerned.

Is this going somewhere? I mean, it's a nice little scene, but I get the feeling that it's part of a bigger story. If so, I'd love to see more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Whoa. I felt that guy's pain for him just from the power of the words. Great job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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