Emergency Room

Emergency Room

A Poem by Colton Warr

I tried....


Emergency Room  

A Poem by Colton Warr 

Rush her in, get her on the operating table

Get every man, woman, and child, anyone who is able 

She's in very bad condition 

I must give her my all to get her stable 

Hand me my tools, the prayers, love letters, and flowers 

Hand me everything I've done, the countless hours

I have to try and save her without her permission

I have to try, because of love, her heart is now ours

Quiet everyone, let me listen to her heart 

I hear it beating as it tries to tear itself apart 

"No!" I scream and I grab the knife to start the incision

I can't stop now, I've poured my soul into this from the start 

As I open her up I can see the damage 

A carnage that cannot be concealed by some bandage 

Leave it broken or try and fix it, a haunting decision

I told myself there was something left in you to salvage 

An assistant warned, "you could lose apart of yourself" 

I uttered "I know, but she needs my help" 

Little did I gather, I stood no chance

But I could not ignore everything that I had felt 


The blood and gore of it all spewed 

A trail of pain left by our feud 

The way you rejected me was rude

You were the only thing I ever wanted to view

Your hands start to twitch and eyes roll back 

I tried, my love, but could never get us on track

And for my efforts all I caught was flak 

Everything you had, but love you lacked 


"I'm here" I whisper "I'm right here" 

I hoped that that would remove your fears 

I could see you ending, your chest started to slow

And so, within my eyes, developed a tear

You rejected the love, the medication 

You made yourself numb with your suffocation

You destroyed yourself and took us down too

I just wanted to be your salvation 

I lean back and wipe the sweat from my eyes 

My hand falls to my mouth as I hold it back, I try

The life between us has stopped 

I ask to have the room, simply, to cry 

After they all leave I lean into your expired corpse 

My lips hover over your own "I was completely yours" 

I kiss you, thinking one last breath could do it

Yet, dead our love remains, I couldn't save what I truly adored 

© 2018 Colton Warr

Author's Note

Colton Warr
More words to come....

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True words my friends. True words. Only that emotion could come from a heart who knows what it’ll be like. It’s really good.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Colton Warr

1 Year Ago

Thank you very much, Cole! I appreciate you taking the time out to give this a read! I'm glad you en.. read more
Cole Anderson

1 Year Ago

No problem
This was very well done. Very moving

Posted 2 Years Ago

Colton Warr

2 Years Ago

Thank you very much! I appreciate you stopping by and giving this a read!
A worthy sacrafice. When faith in you is gone, why wish to carry on. The damage done alas ii was not the only one!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Colton Warr

2 Years Ago

Love those words, kitty! I’m glad you were able to resonate with this piece! Thanks for stopping b.. read more

2 Years Ago

A;ways a pleasure!
This is stunning. Moving, beautiful speechless and amazing. Bravo.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Colton Warr

2 Years Ago

Thank you very much, Dawn! I appreciate your kind words! Thank you for taking time out of your day t.. read more

2 Years Ago

Colton your a remarkable talented young man. And my pleasure. I love your honesty and frankness abou.. read more
i felt every single word of this. absolutely stunning. i hope we can be friends and share our work with each other.

also, one thing i did pick up on in this piece is your past and present tense, but that is the only flaw i can pick out.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very heartfelt read, well done and keep going

Posted 2 Years Ago

Wow! This was absolutely amazing! I felt that there were many different things you could get from reading this!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Good work, I enjoy narrative poetry, this is well written !

Posted 2 Years Ago

I really enjoyed the rythm and flow. the story unfolding. The inevitable ending. Wonderful.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Great writing! Keep up the good work my man!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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