Day 1

Day 1

A Chapter by Louise

"I don't plan out plots!" Deborah thought to herself. "Plots create themselves. That's how I've been going by these past years. Plan out plots. What a joke." 
The kettle peaked for one minute on then for two before she even noticed. That was how much trouble she would be in in less than five days. Why, in fact she was already in trouble but the consequences would only start to show when Dirk would give her his monthly call. That Dirk sure could stir up the waters. With her eyes still fixed on the empty Word sheet she arose and made her way to the stove. She had little time to spare but surely a sounding kettle wouldn't do her any good.

In Deborah's own opinion all the deals and deadlines had cause this flatline. Nothing had been quite the same since she had gotten signed to Dirk's big-deal publisher firm five years ago. Money had come into her hands, which was always pleasant, but energy and creativity had spilt out, thus her money soon coming to a halt. Indeed she had truly and utterly screwed herself over.

With this recognition she poured the hot water over cup of Nescafé and receded to the couch, balancing the coffee with ease. Still nothing had come up on that very blank piece of Word sheet on her laptop. Nothing had come up in her mind either.

"Good God," she said out loud. "I really have lost it this time around."

© 2013 Louise

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Why do people think "Writer's Block" is a universal rite of passage? Because it is.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 2, 2013
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I'm Louise. Short prose is my preferred way of writing, though all lengths of stories appeal to me as reads. In elementary school I learned to love making stories up, in high school I learned to .. more..

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