Announcement Pt. 2

Announcement Pt. 2

A Story by CompellingComposer

Okay, I'mma make this short, sweet, and to the point.




As you may know, Disease of the Dead is my first and only completed book up here. I have also began on a sequel to it called Survival of the Fittest. I am taking a break from posting this series up here. I will return to it and will keep writing it, just now I am taking a break.




I enjoy writing short stories and will hopefully be able to motivate myself to go through with a project I have planned called, " Short Story Summer." This is where I will be writing a lot of short stories and putting them in a "book" up here. I have one already started. Here's a sneak peak.


   It began in my fingers. The tips of them an icy blue and purple. They were bittering, teeth chatteringly cold. I was being frozen alive and no one cold even see it. It didn't hurt. I was so numb, so deep and lost, I couldn't even feel it.


   It began with the morning Veronica didn't wake up. To everyone it was a horrid scene. The crimson sheets, the blood crusty in her light brown hair, her gown ripped and torn. My sister had a mental illness, my parents told me. Schizophrenia, they told me. She heard voices in her head, saw things no one else did. They were real to her. She belived them. She felt them. They didn't want me to know, afraid that I would look at my eldest sister as strange and weird and wrong. Afraid of how I would handle it. I looked at my aching fingers as they told me this. I did this so they would see them as they told me about how Veronica must've had an "episode" last night and destroyed herself in the process. Didn't they see how cold I was?




I am considering finishing my Disease of the Dead series and starting and finishing my Short Story Summer project, then quitting this site. I am not really encouraged or motivated, by myself or others. I have an extremely tiny group of fans, ( if I can even call them that ). I don't know, we'll just see how this works out.


Yours Truley,


© 2011 CompellingComposer

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i like this story and don't you dare quit on me megan

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2011
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My name is Megan and I have been writing poems since 4th grade and stories since 6th. I'm very, very young, as I've noticed from the ages of my fellow writers on this site. Yes, I am only 13, but writ.. more..