Preview of TOAA (Tears of an Angel)

Preview of TOAA (Tears of an Angel)

A Chapter by Crystal Rose

This is a small chapter I made, mostly what would set the story off. But I might not finish.

As I prepared for the day ahead, I decided to dress better than I normally do. I know I might stay out late with my best friend tonight, she invited me to go shopping with her at the mall. But before that I had to do some chores for my parents. They told me to go to the grocery store and buy some hamburger buns and meat, coffee, dog food, bird food, and something for myself. In this small house we have our large ,black Doberman named Ace. And our white dove, who we haven't named yet, we found him injured outside our door, we are taking care of him for a while. I didn't have many friends except for Lea, she is the only friend I have in a city with a huge population of more than 10,000 residents. The reason I have no other friends is because people find me...strange. In the school track team, I always ran faster than the others, when we did workouts, I was stronger, when we had to do obstacle courses, I was far more agile and could jump higher. I can see father than anyone, and my eyes constantly changed color. My natural color is hazel, but in the sun they turn silver, in the dark, or on a cloudy day, they turn gold. When I get angry, they turn red. I think of them like a mood ring, but they are eyes.
Choosing decent clothes for today was going to be tricky, another thing I need to go shopping for: good clothes. I shuffled through my drawers to find something nice. I only found a black T-shirt with angel wings printed on the back, and a pair of blue jeans. It would have to do. I put on my clothes, listening with my enhanced hearing as police sirens echoed all around the streets. As soon as I was dressed, I quickly brushed my hair, put it in a pony-tail and left my one strand of silver hair down. 
I grabbed the $100 I was saving up for tonight, and grabbed the $50 my parents gave me to do the shopping for them. 
I grabbed the house keys and said my goodbye to the dog as he sat staring at me with those big puppy-dog eyes. It almost seemed like he was scared or worried. But I couldn't talk to animals, I wouldn't know what was bothering him. I closed the door then locked it, tucking the keys safely in my pockets. 
Normally people would say that me running to my destination would be a bad idea, but I can't help the sudden bursts of energy I get from the constant excitement in big cities. 
I started off in a jog, taking in the scents of the city, smoke, fumes, garbage, food, and many more exotic smells filled my nose. I couldn't hold back anymore, I took off in a full sprint, jumping and swerving around obstacles. People stared at me like I just grew a second head. But I payed no mind to them, I was full of energy and prepared for anythin- 
A sound louder than thunder cracked in my ears. I crashed into a row of empty garbage cans, only making my ears hurt more. I heard the gunshot far sooner than I felt it. My head was buzzing and it felt like something was crushing my head. I couldn't tell where the bullet hit exactly but it was somewhere near my abdomen. It felt like someone set that part of me on fire, then had 1,000 wasps sting me there. I felt my heart pumping faster, and felt the pulse on the wound as well. I started hearing heavy footsteps walking towards me. Someone, a man, was laughing madly. He stopped laughing as he stood above me. The sun was shining, for once, too brightly, I couldn't see his face, or many other of his features.
"Well, well, well...what have I caught today?" His voice was deep and gravely. The sound of his voice sent painful shivers up my spine, and leading to a excruciatingly painful spasm all around my wound. He aimed a silver gun at my head, I knew the gun was loaded, he just shot me not a moment ago. What did this man want?!

© 2010 Crystal Rose

Author's Note

Crystal Rose
Let me know what you think. Sorry if there are any mistakes in there.

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Added on February 5, 2010
Last Updated on February 5, 2010
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Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose

Pensacola, FL

Hi, my name is Crystal, or you can call me Chris, whichever works best. I have been writing stories for a while, sometimes it is hard to stick with writing one story alone, so I end up writing many of.. more..