Mornings Thoughts

Mornings Thoughts

A Poem by Cyanthinnis

I miss you.

Tender doeth the day break over the grasses green and yellow.
I find comfort in the dawning day as the warmth spreads through the vally of my heart.
Slowly do I find comfort in the light that spills forth.
Traveling through the paths and shining through the splender that is nature.
I can feel the breeze. Slow and cool against the heat of my skin.
I hear the whispers of the trees, the scent of ripe apples carried to me from afar.
Longing fills my soul as I sigh out the name that captures me so.
Taking me over so completely, that I know not where to turn.
Peppermint mingles on my skin as I crush a fresh leaf between finger and thumb.
The intoxicating aroma invading my senses. I can smell you.
I close my eyes, letting the rays from the sun warm my face.
The colors dancing behind my lids as I smile in rememberance of our whispered vows.
I wonder if you can feel me too.
The scent of my soft skin, does it intrude on your thoughts?
My fingers dance across my cheek, where I felt your kiss.
I remember your eyes. Blue and piercing as they watched me.
Your skin tanned from the sun, your words of love so tender.
Where are you now? In my mind you are always here.
I sigh in defeat. The distance unbearable, yet factual.
Day after day, I grow closer to you.
Our words so elegant and infused with passions unspoken.
One day I know we shall soon be together. Someday soon.
So I sit under the old willow tree and wait. Hand cupping cheek, eyes closed. Waiting.

© 2010 Cyanthinnis

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:) Lovely !

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 2, 2010
Last Updated on November 2, 2010
Tags: Missing, love, tender, sensual, longing



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