A Story by Damac

Fairly short story with potential to be made into a full series, we'll see how it goes.

"Stay away." The boy said, trying to keep calm, but with fear and anger in his voice.

"Just... just stay calm, I don't want to hurt you or anything." Andrew said, "I just want to talk." Andrew started to move closer to the boy. He stepped out of the rain and into the large cardboard box the boy was hiding in. The boy scurried farther into the box, until his back pressed up against the far end. Andrew looked at the boy, and even in the darkness, he could see the glowing red veins and molten, glowing, skin along the right side of the boys upper body.

"Are you okay? What's happening too you?" Andrew asked.

"It happens when I get upset..." The boy said, with heavy panting. Andrew could see the fire beneath the boys skin spreading. The boys right eye began to glow red as the skin around it charred and glowed.

"If you calm down, will it go away?"

"Usually." The boy said, Andrew noticed the "fire" was no longer spreading.

"Than lets just be calm and wait for that thing to go away and this rain to end."

The boy breathed heavily, but didn't move. "I want you too go." He said.

"I'm not leaving until I'm sure you are alright, I don't particularly care how long it takes." Andrew said. The boy continued to give him an angry look, but Andrew paid it no mind. He could see the "fire" slowly start to recede from the boys face, back down towards his arm where it started. The skin was quickly repairing itself and returning to normal.

"So this has happened before?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah... it's why I don't publicly use my powers. Being upset causes it and has the most noticeable effect, but using my power too much makes it appear too, and for longer."

"Power? What power?" Andrew asked.

The boy looked at Andrew, sighed, and snapped his fingers. Suddenly the empty section of the box in between the boy and Andrew lit up in flames. Andrew jumped back, and the boy giggled. "Yeah, that's what I do."

© 2012 Damac

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It was a fun read.

I think "I want you too go." is supposed to be "I want you to go."

This is a great start to a longer or more in depth story.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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