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New York City, NY
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About Me

I'm just a writer looking for a place where I can write without limitations!

I am currently Writing Four Stories:

Operation School: What Lies Ahead - A sequel to my first ever work of writing, Operation School. I wrote the original four years ago, when I was pretty new to writing and have been dying to update the series with my new ability ever since. I've finally decided on a basic plot and structure that I like, and hope to be able to continuously update this.

Wastes: Monster - A sequel to one of my more successful works on here. Nothing big to report here, it's just a continuation of the story.

The Regulator - My first attempt at writing a screenplay. I'm gonna try and keep this fresh and up to date.

Shadows - Experimental, to the point where i'm not even sure i'll continue it.

My Stories all center around the character Andrew. He is meant to be an all around usable character, a protagonist who can fit into any roll. The stories DO NOT take place in the same timelines, they just feature the same lead character.

On that note, you will probably notice a couple characters filling the same roles across multiple stories. That's just my writing style, if I like a character, I use them multiple times.

Personally, theres a lot about me. My favorite Music Artists are Eminem and Avenged Sevenfold. My favorite T.V shows are Psych and The Walking Dead.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hi, thank you for your friendship, it's much appreciated :)

Crown Court Censored Urban Rap-Poet (2009-2014)

Using urban poetry, I fought back against 'Family Racism' towards my mixed race Daughter. Crown court then censored my poetry for five years.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks for the review!! Keep ya posted on that story, its the one I want reviewed, i just need to get time to work on it x_x but I have "Wastes" in my reading list to get to hopefully tomorrow, if not reall soon!