When I Feel Dead

When I Feel Dead

A Poem by Dan Cowan

This one deals with my frequent failure to fight, to just sit back and allow sin to take over. Rendering me dead once more. But when I get my head in the game and pray for strength, God delivers

There was a time for death's rebind
It slipped away under grievous sky
Making way for Hell to tend
Each time I feel dead

Waking up with bloodshot eyes
Lids are stretched just way too wide
This is the feeble trend
Each time I feel dead

Shadows are alive in here
Tracing every stone I fear
This is the pit that holds my end
Each time I feel dead

Now sinking, drowning, choking in the depths
The grimness; it's ruthless, this all-consuming threat
It lumbers like a spider in a garden of passive pines
Looming in my view with a backdrop of frozen skies
Fangs are brought to bear and I must swiftly now decide
But the sordid voice I hear at night is one of lovely vice

It pleads with me to balm its bite
Crooning with a voice so trite
And once again, I swallow dread
Each time I feel dead

When floorboards groan and snap
I'll know its near and pray 'holdfast'
Cause I'm a worm from horrors read
Each time I feel dead

But in the cast of palest light
When I pray for holy might
I'm a lion when brought to life
Roaring as I rip this wide

© 2018 Dan Cowan

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Die to flesh live in spirit🌹

Posted 1 Year Ago

When you know where your strength lies nothing can overcome the power of belief in knowing what you know- every knee shall bend and every tongue confess 🌹

Posted 1 Year Ago

It's a poem with meaning. It's got rhythm.
I guess you're referring to spiritual death based on our lifestyle choices that often feel sweet but are spiritually detrimental, such as alcohol, lies, profanities, smoking and sexual immorality...

But when we genuinely wish to better our characteristics in a daily discipline, we can pray, meditate and call upon the sweet grace of The Lord Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth to instill such discipline in our heart and soul; but we must desire real change through personal effort as well on a daily basis, whilst constantly meditating upon the Word of The Lord.


Posted 2 Years Ago

Thanks Alexa! that was the most indepth review I have ever had. And one of the most encouraging. Much thanks for the read and the like!!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Alexa Apothic Red

2 Years Ago

You're welcome. I am glad to know that I could encourage! Keep it up!
Wow, this is amazing writing! I am taken aback by it!! There are too many good lines to re-quote them all here... but to mention the ones that struck me instantly:

Fangs are brought to bear and I must swiftly now decide
But the sordid voice I hear at night is one of lovely vice
... I love that... and you definitely paint it so darkly, yet so sweetly welcoming, just like the trouble we get ourselves in...

And this one: "It pleads with me to balm its bite" just great writing!

And this one: "I'm a worm from horrors read"

And then how you come out of it at the end:
"I'm a lion when brought to life
Roaring as I rip this wide"

Fantastic piece... I enjoyed reading.. a lot of self reflection.. guilt.. pain... astute self awareness about the need to change yet the futile attempts.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Dan Cowan
Dan Cowan

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