Eaten and Exhumed

Eaten and Exhumed

A Poem by Dan Cowan

When my will to fight begins to slip
Which is more often then I care to admit
I feel a monster awaken its eyes
And snarl fierce from deep inside
There are times when my reactions are slow
When vigilance is sloppy and spirits are down low
The first punch is too late, the predator has pounced
And is gorging on my face, relenting no ounce
Then gloom overtakes me as I swiftly bleed out
Into a soil gone desiccate and littered with doom-sprouts
Flowers of bale that will reach and entwine
Until they successfully choke the blackshot sky
And that monster will feed til I'm dead in the dirt
Naught but a husk destined to be burnt
I've met him before and cowered to his bite
Wallowing in pity with no spirit to fight
A baneful beast always waiting to strike
A serpent in the shadows hissing in spite
He's taken me before and bled me til dry
Caught me unaware and proceeded to toxify
I wish I could say that blindsided I will never again be
But I am built of dirt, facing a cunning adversary
What I can say is that my God is greater
Stomping to dust the serpent that slithers
And He will strengthen me til my very last day
To hold up my head and bear every pain

So I will glare at the beast
and knot my fists
For I was bred for war
and I will die for this
Into my grave
with Christ at my side
I vow to take the fire
into the tumult of night
Into the throat of the beast
And from there I will fight
Forevermore until death
To fight
And fight
And fight

This is my path

© 2018 Dan Cowan

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Added on March 31, 2018
Last Updated on March 31, 2018


Dan Cowan
Dan Cowan

New Castle, PA

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