His Silent Confession

His Silent Confession

A Story by Darien Don

Another side adventure for the Enlinars. Menuha just won't ever know how much he loves her and how much she doesn't want him. Silly Hakan.


Finally, the female twin got away from her younger, male twin.  All she needed was some peace and quiet after the last case.  Especially since nine months ago she almost died.  As soon as they got to Sacra Island they had a case with some demon dog.  This trip was meant for them to relax.

What was even better than being alone on a private beach was that she didn't have to deal with the annoying "captain cleaner" who tagged along to the island.  Menuha had grown to dislike Hakan, whom she met nine months prior in Revri.  She wish that she didn't meet him though.

"I need to stop thinking about that." Menuha sighed.  She lay on the white beach and listened to the waves.  Several minutes later the older Enlinar twin had drifted into a peaceful sleep under the warm sun.  Little did she know was that another person had found the little hidden beach as well.

Hakan had pushed through the branches and stop abruptly when he saw Menuha laying on the beach.  A sudden fear and pain shot through him because he had realized not to long ago that he loved the controlling, dark woman.  He didn't like that she looked at him in distain and Caelan didn't like him because he had taken her attention where arguing was concerned.

Slowly, the man walked over to the Enlinar woman and took in what was mysterious to him.  The mystery she held was what appealed to him most.  She was truly beautiful in his eyes.  Her hair was dark, her eyes were dark and even her skin that was a shade darker than most made her exotic and tasteful.  

"Are you awake?" The voice he used was hushed but understandable.  Hakan knew, though, if she was awake his head would have already been rolling.  At the moment he enjoyed just looking at her and the way the sun played on her skin and on her hair giving it a more golden look.

The famous cleaner sat down next to her and recalled what the CEO had said to him before they had all gone to the island…and before he knew he loved her.  The CEO told him to tell him what their weaknesses and behaviors were.  He agreed to it and when it came to him realizing how in love he was with Menuha Enlinar.  It came as a shock to him too. He didn't want to love her.  He would only worry and fill with rage if he couldn't tell her or watch over her.  

"Menuha," He started.  Hakan paused and watched the light play on her once more and lift his hand before making it hover over her belly.  Gently, Hakan placed his fingertips on her stomach and dragged them upward to her neck, than her cheek, "You really are beautiful…despite all your insane qualities.  I actually have to admit you are pretty sexy when you get mad." What was he doing?  Hakan pulled his hand away and scolded himself for acting like a lovesick boy.  But…he did love her, "Menuha, I need to tell you something.  I-" He couldn't say it.  Even when she was fast asleep he was too coward to say he loved her to her sleeping face.  No, he needed to say it, "It's hard to say, even when you are sleeping, but I love you, Menuha Enlinar.  All you flaws and…well more flaws.  I love them all because they're yours." Hakan stopped there and hit his head when he realized how awful and sappy that sounded.  It was truly disgusting, but he finally said what he felt towards her…to her sleeping body.  He really was a coward.

Hakan stood and turned away from the sleeping woman and walked away back to the lodge they were staying at.  The CEO was expecting a report.  A report that he would write with all the things that made them deadly.  He would risk his life to save the girl he fell in love with and her family.  He actually hoped that if he lived though what they planned he, also, could become part of her large and crazy family.  Because all he wanted was to be close to her.  Very close to her.  

"I'll protect you.  I promise." He whispered to himself.  As he arrived to the lodge, Menuha awoke and touched her stomach which had a tingling sensation from her navel up.  For some reason she had become unsettled and felt panicky.

"I wonder why I feel like this…" As she said this the woman stood and picked up her towel before heading back to the lodge her family and her were staying at. 

Little did she know that there was a man who loves her deeply and he just "told" her that he loves her too.  On her way to her room Hakan came out of his room.  They passed each other without one word.  The man looked back and pain was reflected in his eyes.  He promised himself that one day he would tell her while she was listening to him and that would be the day he held her and kissed her.  That day she accepted his love.  When it was mutual love and not one-sided.  Sadly, he felt that day approach quickly along with the day of the revolution.

© 2011 Darien Don

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Darien Don
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Added on November 8, 2011
Last Updated on November 18, 2011
Tags: Confession, Love, Vacation, Beach, Sadness


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Darien Don

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