Hound's and Bat's Bad Blood

Hound's and Bat's Bad Blood

A Poem by David the writer

This poem is about ware wolfs, and vampires.


He runs near

Get ready before he's here

It's a full moon

It's a nightmare

It's like an old horror film

Get your silver,and crosses ready

For it's feeding time for both

Hear the howls

fear it sounds near

Coffins creak open fear oozes out

More bast,and hounds than usual

Will you catch the sickness 

When you awake do you feel strange

Check your neck

Does the sun boil you blood

Does the night give you inhuman strength

Is your skin pale

Is this just some sick nightmare

Who's left dead,bloody,and half eaten

Did you here it howl

Did you smell the sweat

Did you feel the terror of the poor victom

Can't you just wake up again

And not fear the night

You can't when the underworld orders are waging war

And you can see the bad blood between bats,n hounds

Why can't they just not exist at all

Can you never mind the ancient horrors

Could they war under ground,and leave you out of it

Can't you just escape this night filled horror

It's feeding time

Better lock up,and ready you silver,and crosses

Kiss your beloved good night,and wish

Wish for life

Wish for her's

Oh you can hear their howls

They're at your door,and they can sniff your sweat,tears,and your blood

You can hear the the barks

And you know they're clawing at your door

Your holding her tight,and praying to every god you can think of

Even though your fate is sealed

As your door breaks,your heart drops

Bats fly in the room

Saving you,they turn into humanoid form

Showing their fangs,and showing their hiss

The hounds get ready for battle with a war howl

The hounds claw,and bark

As the vampires use their illusion to evade the Hounds

The vampires bite the main hound's neck

Then they appear,and use their mind control to make the hounds fear

The bites come near,and the vampires have won this battle

Ware wolfs know their overpowered

And humans flee,and plea

To their gods for safety

Dawn breaks without warning

And the vampires go back into hiding victorious

Planing their next feeding time

And the hound's run back,and listen to their generals

Tell them the plans,and the places

But Vampires are much to powerful for the hounds

© 2012 David the writer

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This is really good! What makes it better is that is about werewolves and vampires lol :)
Overall, very intense piece. The descriptions were amazing. 100/100 :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanx alot! You know my this is my first poem? It's definetly my most sucessfull!
The Invisible Girl

11 Years Ago

Really?!! Because its really good! :) You should be very proud of this! ^-^
David the writer

11 Years Ago

I am, I'm an egotistical person, I just don't show it as much as others :)

And thanks a.. read more
great googly moogly! so much fear and pandemonium going on all at once ...and very vividly painted with joyfully dark verse. outstanding write, my undead friend!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanx! Did you know this was the first piece of poetry I wrote?

11 Years Ago

i do now! i really liked this, it sings....
David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanks, haha. Most people are so suprised when I say this is the first piece of poetry I ever wrote.
This was a very gripping piece!! I like how it was written in a story form and I felt on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end!!! I sensed the great desperation in your writing as well as fear. There were many emotions wrapped up in this piece very nicely written! I particularly liked the line As your door breaks, your heart drops." Bats fly into the room" This builds a great climax and makes the reader want to read even more It really peaks your interest and keeps it til the end!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanx again for the kind words and reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying my writings. I'm also glad you .. read more
Nice job! I found this very entertaining, and I'm not one for wolves and vampires unless it's Underworld lol. Thanks for sharing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

And thank you for reviewing.
Good job! Great story beginning, I am going to move onto part two now :)
I like the slight repition you used, and it has a smooth horror tone to it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Only played Skyrim but so far yeah. I stopped cause I got addicted

11 Years Ago

Well, that's a good reason to stop, looking over it, I can see the Skyrim inspirations. :)
David the writer

11 Years Ago

lol yeah but now my veiw on vamps have changed and now their more demonic now. Still intellegent, an.. read more
very nice,,, it definitely has that Halloween feel to it

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

True, dude true. That's what I want too
Sirius King

11 Years Ago

it will happen,,, keep writing!
David the writer

11 Years Ago

I forever will!
Spooky. Halloween is my very favorite holiday. Keep it up!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

thanks! though it was mid summer night when I wrote this lol XD

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