Dumb Human & Celestial

Dumb Human & Celestial

A Poem by AcasualPawn

Dumb Human & Celestial

Four shadows in my dream,
are having different kinds of scream.

With eyes closed, and piercing screams,
They are dreaming, in my dream.

On closer look & scan,
Their were a kid, a teen, a youth & an old man.

With beads of sweat above their heads,
And clothes were drenched and wet.

There must be sure something scary,
Facing it that made them so damm worry.

Until last drop of energy got drained,
I was guessing the cause with my dumb brain.

At last a fifth shadow entered my dream,
With eyes opened and a directed scream. ((off course towards me))

Hey dumb human, with zero brain.
Let the celestial guide, your thoughts train.

Kid is afraid losing love.
Teen is afraid of losing society
Youth is afraid of losing status.
And old is afraid of losing time.

Hey dumb human, with zero brain.
Now what enlighten do you gain.

Its pretty weird dream, when will i wake.
these are thoughts over my mind,
when i once more heard celestial remind.

Darkness of heart-demons still lost,
to dumbness of illiterate human host...

© 2017 AcasualPawn

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Celestial reminds. They happen often. If we look closely, we may even recognize them. It is interesting, the way you put the message across. Well penned SSR.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like how you tell this. Interesting message too. You have a unique poetic voice. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Its my honor
The circle of life should be called the circle of confusion.
"Teen is afraid of losing society
Youth is afraid of losing status.
And old is afraid of losing time. "
The above lines. True for many. Old country wisdom. Forget the bad days and enjoy the good days. Can' stop time and best to have some fun before we can't. Thank you for sharing your amazing words and thoughts.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

For kid its mainly parents....
Thankyou for your kind words
Coyote Poetry

6 Years Ago

You are right and you are welcome.
This is amazing! Deep and dark, but beautiful. Personal, yet universal. I've only just joined this site, so if you have any tips or anything - please let me know! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on July 29, 2017
Last Updated on July 29, 2017
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