Christmas with Christ

Christmas with Christ

A Poem by Mr Dennis Paquin

Lie  in
your straw
filled manger,
just  a  baby  so
helpless and small,
can  you  see  all the
heartache  and  sorrow
you will suffer from loving
us all? Is the tear I see on your
cheek  son  the  first to  be  shed
for  mankind? For the world will treat
you  cruelly, though your heart be forgiving
and  kind.  And  your  mother,  what  of  her
feelings, as  she  presses you close to  her breast.
Do  her eyes  behold  the future of  her  son  hanging
tortured on his Cross of Death? And Joseph, so patient and
thoughtful, so wise  in his holy ways, does his heart ache with
the bitter knowledge at the price you soon must pay? Yes, Christmas
is  gay and delightful  when the  holiday  season is here.  But let us  take
time  to  remember  what  it  cost  in  bloodshed  and  tears!  For the  gifts you
give one another will no doubt be gladly received. But the gifts you give the Christ Child
will be cherished far greater than these. So let us pay quite homage in honor of the Christ Child’s
birth and ask
his forgiveness  and
blessing  on  each of
us here on this Earth
“Oh Christmas so blessed and beautiful, on this day of the Christ Child’s birth;
Let the world sing  aloud  in  its  praises, to you, Little  King  of  the  Earth!”

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© 2008 Mr Dennis Paquin

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Love love love this the layout the words colour and meaning well done you !

Posted 5 Days Ago

The format of this poem is lovely. The sentiments behind it are just as good. In fact, I like the whole thing. It is well written, flows well, and has a lovely rhythm to it. It brings forth the true meaning of Christmas, and why we celebrate the season. Very clever and wonderful write hun. XX

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on August 17, 2008


Mr Dennis Paquin
Mr Dennis Paquin


Dennis, a Vietnam Vet and product of a turbulent past, has a passion for writing poetry as broad as life, love, fantasy, child abuse and the indifferences of man. The uniqueness of his work comes from.. more..