Ellawyn's Powers

Ellawyn's Powers

A Story by Sean Allen

My granddaughter told her mom she wanted powers like Elsa in the movie 'Frozen.' I told my daughter not to worry, I had it covered!


Ellawyn’s Powers


“Stand your ground!”  Ellawyn spoke, just a bit louder than she might have otherwise intended, as she prepared to throw stairs or Icicles, and the Little Unicorn, standing there and just a bit startled…. backed up doing that quick little hoofey thing they do when they actually do back up.  And where the Unicorn’s feet touched down, the puffs of silver stardust literally rose up just a bit from the ground falling on the tops of her hooves making them sparkle a bit as the dust settled.


“Easy for you to say ‘Ground’ of course, because that’s what grown-ups call it down there.”.... “You know Ellawyn, like the grass and the road where the cars drive by and you have to be so careful on your bicycle.”  A pink colored monkey, with just a bit of an attitude, walked up butting into the conversation.


“Excuse me, but I was talking to this Unicorn!” Ellawyn said, looking just a bit askance at the Monkey, although this time her voice was a bit more controlled, as it usually is.


“Ellawyn,” the Pink Monkey retorted, “Do you know that in the rule book it says…. Uh hold that thought…” He said as he struggled to pull the rule book from the fanny pack that he needs to wear because monkeys actually do use all four limbs and their tails just to get around.  He fumbles through both of the pages, and finds page 2.  “All matters pertaining to matters related to, Bla, Bla, Bla… and related to Starlandia as opposed to the Grown-Up world down there are under the control of the magic monkeys….


”See what it says here Ellie, conveniently hiding the words Blue and Yellow with his thumb….”

Does this word not say, ”PINK” and does this word not say   ”MONKEY?”

“Uh, grown up…. wake up…. this is where you show the kid the words to read themselves and verify the shade of pink and all!”


Starlandia is made up of 90% stardust, and 10% love.  Whoa, hold that thought too, it’s actually 90% love from mommies and daddies and aunts and uncles, and grandpa’s and grandma’s…. and” pausing just a moment, he admits…. “It’s actually just 10% Stardust.”


“And brothers?” Ellawyn asked.


“Yes.” the Pink Monkey replied, but most of that Brotherly love stuff come from that mountain over there, and he pauses and points to a distant clouded peak with the rule book still in his hand.  Realizing that, he pulls his hand back and tucks the rule book neatly away back into his fanny pack!


“Can I go there?” Ellawyn asks inquisitively.


“Nope.”  The Pink Monkey affirms!


“Why not?”


“Powers.”  The Primate says sternly!  “No one can go there!”


“Why not?” she asks again, adding.  “And what’s a Primate?”  (She sort of asks you the reader!)


“Because you can’t!” He replies.  “Monkeys and people are both primates!”


“You mean like I’m a monkey?”  Ellawyn sort of giggles!


“You mean like I’m a little girl?” the Pink monkey responds!


“You’re a Pink Monkey.” Ellawyn chuckles.


“So why not?”  Ellawyn flips back to the yet answered question, as kids often do!


“Why can’t I go to the mountain?” She asks.


“Powers!” is the short reply from the monkey again.


“But that’s what I came here for” She says, as the monkey starts to walk towards the place where he can see the mountain better and the Unicorn follows and Ellawyn runs past Misty the Unicorn and catches up to the Pink Monkey excitedly and touches his arm to get him to notice her.


“Nope,” he replies.  “You came up here because you wanted powers like in a movie?”


“I guess.”


“Magic Monkeys have perfect hearing my friend.  I heard you specifically tell your mom that you wanted powers like some Queen in a movie that throws stairs and ice cubes and stuff,” he adds as Ellawyn stomps her foot stirring up some Stardust of her own.


“Icicles?” Ellawyn emphasizes the second syllable, “Elsa throws Icicles, not ice cubes.”


“Whatever!”  He says.


The Unicorn catches up to the two of them as well and then all three of them are standing and looking off in the distance and the little Unicorn whinnies.


Uh, grown-Up, this is where you make that Whinny sound and the kid laughs…. Go ahead!


“Do you see those pink clouds,” the Monkey asks pointing towards the mountain again?


Ellawyn says “Yes!” And the Unicorn simple aggressively nods its head a couple of times.


“Hey watch that horn Misty!” The Pink Monkey says to the Unicorn who just whinnies, minding her horn this time “Those are not clouds!” he adds.


“What are they?” Ellawyn asks.


“Cotton Candy!” The monkey replies.


“And just how do you know that?” Ellawyn says.


“Been there!” he says!


“You’ve been to the mountain?” Ellawyn now needs to know!  “When?”


“Uh, it was about three years ago!”  He says.


“Why?” she asks.


“Powers!” is the reply.


“You certainly use that word a lot!”  Ellawyn says.  “Did you get powers when you went there?”




“Then why did you go?” She wonders.


“For someone else!” He affirms.


“Who?” she asks.


“Can’t say!” the primate replies.  “It was just a little boy who wanted powers too!”


“Who was it?” Ellawyn persists.


“Can’t say!” he repeats…. “Were dealing with secret power stuff here you know!”


“Can’t you take me there?” Ellawyn asks another time?


“Sure can, think you can ride a Unicorn?”  The Pink Monkey says perking up a bit!


“I guess I can, but I thought you said I couldn’t go there?”  Ellawyn wondered.


“I said you couldn’t go there by yourself kid!”  The Monkey replied.  “You just asked me if I could take you there!  Only kids, who come up here with a Twinkle, and who then ask a magic Monkey to be taken to the mountain, will actually ever get to go!”




“Powers!” the Monkey replied. “Can you imagine a world where everybody had Powers?”


“I guess not.” Ellawyn said pondering that thought.


“Only people with a Twinkle in their eye would ever bother to ask us to take them up there to get Powers anyway!”


“And just exactly what is a Twinkle and where do they come from?”  Ellawyn says!


“People, people like those mommies and daddies and aunties and uncles….”


“But everybody has one of them!”


“One of what?” the Monkey asks.


“A mommy or a daddy, and stuff.”


“Sure they do, the Pink Monkey said, but a Twinkle only happens when that little sparkle in your eye meets the same sparkle in…. someone else’s eye.  That’s called a Twinkle up here in Starlandia!”  “Don’t they teach you kids the basics down there anymore like ‘Twinkle Twinkle little Star.’ And stuff?”


“I learned that in Day Care!” Ellawyn said.


“Great, the Primate replies.  Did you get that Twinkle I see in you there?”


“You mean like from a teacher?” Ellawyn asks. “I have lots of nice teachers!”


“Sure do, the monkey replies, “Twinkles are like the stars up in the sky.  There are actually more twinkles in the sky than there are grains of sand on the beach.  Every star in the sky is actually just a Twinkle, where two people’s sparkles joined into one…. That’s a Twinkle.  Pretty weird, huh!”  By the way kid, are you up to date on all that Sandman stuff?”


“Yes, I know about that!” Ellawyn yawns.


“Just making sure.” The Pink Monkey confirms.  Things up here in Starlandia are so much easier than down there.  But you see also,” as he points to a star just above the mountain as if flickers and fades dimly away and then points to another that dies out as they watch.  “Just like mommies and grandpas and all the other people down there, Twinkles don’t last forever.  When you do get your ‘Powers’ Ellawyn, they will be a secret between you and me and Misty.  I feel that you are ready to receive them though” the Monkey adds. “But if I do take you up there, and you do get your powers, you will only be able to use them for one thing!”


“What’s that?” She says, as she starts to climb up on Misty’s back while the Unicorn does that silly little hoofey thing again.


“People!” The Pink Monkey replies.  “Every kid wants stuff…. new bikes and more pink dresses or lots of dolls and bigger train sets or Lego’s and all.  Some kids get a lot of stuff and some don’t get much, and some kids never get any, and most kids have mommies and daddies, and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas. but any kid who comes up here looking for the ‘Powers’ that will let them help other people, and if they have a Twinkle in their eye already, and then if they ask me to take them to the mountain and I see that it’s a genuine Twinkle, they get to go and leave it there.  But most kids just never keep a Twinkle long enough or even bother to ask, and lots of kids just want to throw snowballs. 


So Ellawyn, are you ready to go and receive your Powers?”


At this point the grown up will wait for the child  to affirm that they actually want “Powers” and may continue reading when the kid had answered affirmatively or simply say Good Night if the kid is not ready yet!


“Hey, Ellawyn” the Pink Monkey says, as he looks back and drops to all fours and heads off quickly toward the mountain!


“What?” She says excitedly as Misty sort of jumps ahead, stirring up more stardust while  Ellawyn feels a wisp of wind in her face as she grabs Misty’s mane, and then they take off too!


He turns again to look back at Ellawyn and Misty splashing stardust up into the air as her hair blows in the wind and some stardust lands right up high on her right cheek almost where a tear would be and he shouts….


“Do you like Cotton Candy?”







© Sean Allen, aka Donn Hayden 2014

© 2014 Sean Allen

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