A Poem by DookieSmiles

It's said women are so verbal to men. I'm guilty as charged. We are just animals.

im so sorry for all the pain
I'll claim all the blame
you gave me your heart, all I do is misbehave
i can't love you, if I can't even love myself
stop wasting your time on me save yourself
lately I don't feel the same.
lately all I feel shame.
if only I could give you a reason
I have issues, dark demons
I try to feel when I see you cry
I'm so numb, everyone has a heart that's a lie
I can't feel it beating I think my souls gone
you need to know when it's time to move on
you're at home taking care of our son
while I'm out chasing bitchs what kind of man have I become.
she plays stupid and ask for me to come home.
I get it she is fighting to keep the family in the same home
I don't know how we become so distant
I guess im so resistant of commitment
can't figure out why I'm always so angry
I have everything I need but still unhappy
I don't think I know what loves is
so many memories trying to reminisce
I’m a selfish notorious cheater scream it out loud
I'll never deny it one bit, I'm not proud
deception, lies, excuses, secrets
I take full responsibility of it all even the opiates.
you just need to know you did nothing wrong
it's me I just don't belong
it's always been about me
you fought and sacrificed for the family
you deserve someone that'll battle for your love
you need to know when to be tough and when is enough
who knows what's in store for this guy
I just know you don't deserve to cry
who ever he is he will be one lucky man
I'll probably be alone for im dammed
threw all the hurt I've caused you all I ask
give me a chance to be a better father for ash
I'm sorry for calling you out of your name
I realize your self esteem is drained
I understand I'm the problem
I need to find myself.
I'll always love you.
take it as you wish but it's true

From: A lost man
To: A great lover, mother, friend, sister, daughter!

© 2017 DookieSmiles

Author's Note

Just came from experience so take it as you will.

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Seems like you actually love her. you just need to get your head straight

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like this. Very honest, upfront. Has a nice story to it. Good job!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I rather like this poem, it shows someone who admits he had done wrong, who realizes that and that it is something that is extremely difficult to forgive. It's something that you don't really see a lot, as a previous reviewer said, it comes from the heart, which makes it a powerful and likable poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

i'd call it a mystery poem about self destruction.
The straightforwardness of your words gave a true sense of sincerity, so much so that it has me really rooting for this lost guy. Very pure, from the heart, no frills, makes for a very likable poem. keep writing it out man, it's good!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like it , you're real and that's the best kind of poetry.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on February 15, 2017
Last Updated on February 15, 2017
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Kansas City, MO

Just a guy with a pen and paper. I'm new to poetry so take it easy on me 🤗 more..