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Edward Francis could never have predicted the way his life changed. One night, one mistake, he is Jack the Ripper


From the memoirs and diary entries of Edward Francis


1888 London, Whitechapel, my world, my haunt. For many years I was content with my life, I was married to a delightful woman: or so I thought. My wife Elizabeth Francis was a truly beautiful woman, she was slim and slight with a pretty face and long brown hair usually worn in ringlets. I loved her with all my heart.Living in Whitechapel London had it’s problems, being the street of w****s, despite our address we were content. I worked as a medical man for the clinic. I do confess that though I did love my family I was truly happy at the clinic surrounded by the sick and the crippled; away from the duties of a husband, or  father. The commitment of a doctor was different to that of a father it was as if I was living two separate lives, a completely different person, I returned  at the hour of  six each night.


The house was large with classic furnishings and sparse furniture with two bedrooms decorated in much the same fashion.

 “ yes Lizzie”

“Marcus and Mary Hamilton invited all of us for dinner tomorrow evening” Lizzie seemed very excited that night, very eager to go to this dinner, little did I know what a disaster this would lead to. “Of course darling we shall accept” 8:00pm arrived and in our best clothes we arrived at the door of Mr. Hamilton Lizzie was on good terms with Mary, they lived only round the corner, the children were also friends. “Edward, Elizabeth” Marcus greeted us with Mary,I made the assumption that the children were inside. “Come in, come in!” Their home was very modest though more decorated than ours was, I despised much furniture in a home for it gave the impression of being cluttered and unorganised in my opinion order was essential. I confess Much of that night passed in a blur, this evening was un-important to me in the scheme of events that have conspired to change my life I shall forgo explanation of every day that had no bearing and instead focus on the events that have altered my situation. It was a Monday typically cold and dreary, the weather seemed reflected in the Whitechapel atmosphere generally it was cold and miserable, Many wonder why you would bring up children in such a place, the answer  is rather simple, the wages of a medical doctor are often lacking in decent quality to allow for more dignified address. Our home was situated right in the centre of Whitechapel, right in the heart of this den of sin, no respectable man with any dignity dare come here for fear of mugging and dirtying themselves with the filth of the peseants. I arrived home that evening  rather early that evening  patients were few in numbers there was nothing to be gained by staying so I headed back home. Elizabeth was entertaining Mary Hamilton Elizabeth and she appeared shocked at my entrance as though I should be angry that she was here. Smiling I let them be. it is a common occurrence for women to invite a companion with whom to talk, what was unusual was Marcus. My faithful wife Lizzie would not dishonour her vows, I told myself so my suspicion was put aside, ignored at least without proper evidence. Nevertheless I kept a strong eye upon Marcus and Elizabeth.


Suspicion was simmering below the surface for quite a while; evidence was there I suppose I never quite saw it. The meetings between Elizabeth and Marcus however always seem to take place under the supervision of Mary. Should my conclusions prove true I will be unsure what shall happen. 

Tuesday 8th August


Marcus is having an affair with my Elizabeth. I came home at my normal hour, my wife is home as per usual what was not normal was Marcus in my home without his wife. Alone with mine. “What is this” I called in an angry tirade how dare Marcus?

How dare my sweet Elizabeth? They jumped apart from an intimate conversation. “Edward please!” Elizabeth pleaded with me but nothing she could say would absolve her, “Mr Francis Sir know I meant no arm by it”

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I roared. Marcus Hamilton vanished that night never to return. After Marcus left I turned to Elizabeth who was cowering in the corner, “I can never forgive you, but I will not allow my children to starve you may remain in the house and receive a pension you are still my wife” and with that I left, vanished, without a second glance. What was I to do? I supposed that my first stop should be the clinic. “Edward your not on until tomorrow” I looked at Stuart regret at having to leave my world but that was dampened significantly by the betrayal from Elizabeth. “I am leaving Stuart and will not return” Stuart never asked any questions that night as I left Whitechapel unsure of where I was to end up perhaps I would got to America leave England for good, leave my past behind.


Wednesday 9th August


I boarded the ship to America I was still unsure what I would do once there but that was not important what was important was escaping from that hellhole.


Sunday 13th August


I have arrived in America my new home. I disembarked and looked for the nearest clinic. “Name?” the resident doctor asked me as  I tried to apply for a job; I had a hesitance for just a moment “Francis”


Monday 14th August


Houses were easy to come by in the New World, a small sparsely furnished house that comprised of three rooms, a bedroom, kitchen, and washroom my house happened to be on street of sin. Faced by these evil creatures that are there only to hurt and manipulate men oh how I hated them. Every morning and every night I had to pass these sirens, these demons straight out of hell I do pity those foolish men that have been taken in by these harpies glad to never  have to associate with never again. “Hey handsome why don’t you come and warm me up tonight?” one of them called, I stared with a mixture of hate and revulsion “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU EVIL WOMAN!” I screamed at her, as she took off running up the street. I spat on the ground before heading into work.


The clinic was different to the one in London it appeared that the Yanks had very little medical or scientific knowledge, much of their work was experimentation I was free to experiment here not bound by any laws or religious bars, the Americans were radicals still learning what we already knew. Back in London I’d have been called a quack and most likely shut down and chased out of town, yes America was my new home my new world.

Walking home I was constantly beseeched by the w****s set to hurt and ruin me something must be done.


© 2011 Chimpy94

Author's Note

I wrote this just for fun though I would love to get it published!

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I think it sounds great! I would definitely read it. :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

You wrote:
arrived home that evening rather early that evening patients were few in numbers there was nothing to be gained by staying so I headed back home.

Elizabeth was entertaining Mary Hamilton Elizabeth and she appeared shocked at my entrance as though I should be angry that she was here.
Who is "she?" This is not clear to me what is happening in the above sentence. Who is who and exactly what is happening?

“Mr Francis Sir know I meant no arm by it” Did you leave out the "h" in this statement?

The story is good, interesting, and Has promise. I suggest you look for typos mis-spells, and at times try changing structure so that things read more smoothly. Using spell check helps although I wouldn't rely on it and expect it to take care of all your errors in spelling because it doesn't have the powerful programming to be able to do this.

I wonder what happens next!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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