Writing Is, Part 17

Writing Is, Part 17

A Story by Dressed in Poetry

Have you ever sat down to write an argument, only to end up arguing for a side you never knew you were on?


This is the joy of the pen: discovery.  In reading, we discover the thoughts of others, but in writing, we find our own.  And oftentimes, these are not what we expected them to be.


Sure, the final product may be a faint image of what was meant to be created, but ultimately, it is as if during the brief moments that the pen lingers in the air before colliding with the paper, the hand redirects it to say things that the conscious mind never intended.


And it is beautiful, because it is unrehearsed.


It is fascinating, because even though it came from within, it is unknown.


It is a discovery, not only of ability, but of thought, of ideology, of humanity and of morality and of personality.  Of yourself.

© 2010 Dressed in Poetry

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Dressed in Poetry
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ohh that was deep and thoughtful..
i always thought that through reading a lot you get to know how others think and lots more..
but i also thought your mind will reflect on what you read so its also kind of share in what thoughts
you read..while reading you ponder on these woeds and understand them the way you want
so its like a joint reformation of the whole reading..but i agree with you..you discover yourself
much more through writing..what i liked in what you said,how you fragmented the writing process..as it starts from the mind telling the hand what to write..but so funny as it is and as you said
i always found that the hand will put words lots different from what you started thinking at first
its very strange and lovely its like different part of your body share in the writing
and so right you are..through writing you discover lots of things about yourself
that you never knew before..i really loved your thoughts..told me a lot
lovely write..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Dressed in Poetry
Dressed in Poetry

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