A Poem by Earthrise

An ode to life's soundtrack

The poet told me to listen, so I listen,
Taking in the sounds around me,
And knowing them as the song they are.

Immediately, I hear the crickets,
Who do not yet know the sun has risen.
They do not know that they are in the last movement
of their concerto.
Then, the songbirds join them,
And the creatures of morning and night sing together.

Other birds add to the harmony:
Geese fly in formation overhead,
And crows squawk from their unseen perches.
Their sounds, which are grating to some, 
Are as one with the beautiful noise.

A train rumbles by a mile from my house,
The sounds of industry providing percussion for
nature's melody.

The first dogs to awaken cannot contain their barking.
Like the poet, they are so filled with the sunrise 
that they must release its energy back into
the world.
The crows answer them with their squawking,
And flying and walking creatures bid each other
a hearty good morning.

Nearby, I see that my cat is just as enraptured by the song
as I am.
She beholds it with wonder and respect.
For a moment,
Human and animal are united in curiosity,
As we should be at all times.

© 2022 Earthrise

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Whoever told you to "lISTEN" gave you wonderful advice, not just for your poetry but for your wellbeing too.
This is a full concerto of Morningsong .... just lovely :)

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you so much! And you're absolutely right, listening like this is good for your wellbeing. Ever.. read more
Stella Armour

1 Month Ago

You are welcome:)
Sounds like a wonderful way to wake up. Even industry, in the form of the train, adds to the chorus. The impression is that the speaker lives in a rural area, or at least not close to an interstate. Nothing like a morning traffic jam to drown nature out.

Posted 2 Months Ago


1 Month Ago

Yes, a traffic jam would definitely drown out the song. Still, there's always beauty to be found if .. read more

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Added on July 31, 2022
Last Updated on July 31, 2022
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