Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by JLarsino

The first bit



Dez stood in the doorway to her dorm room. Classes had ended so fast that day. Everything was a blur now. Silvia is perfect. Dez wandered over to her desk and sat her bag down. She pulled out her History of Iceron textbook followed by a thick note pad. It was all a piled jumble now, a scramble of words on a page. Silvia is the only thing worth thinking about. The binding of her Dragon Studies textbook stared at her next. It was a useless thing. She couldn’t recall ever having to open it. What a waste. Silvia is your best friend. The dinner bell sounded and Dez’s eyes quickly darted to the clock on her blue wall. She was going to be late. Silvia would be angry. Dez dumped the remaining textbooks and folders onto her desk and ran out the door, not even bothering with the lock. She flew down the hall eyeing the clock on the wall that read 5:01. Wouldn’t want Silvia to worry. The sky was still bright when Dez opened the door from the dormitories and made her way across the empty courtyard.

Dez clutched her head suddenly struck dizzy. She was standing stupidly in the middle of the courtyard while students slammed into her on their way to dinner.

“Sorry.” Dez said, turning to follow the crowd. What just happened? She glanced at the clock. It was already 5:05. Did she black out? Her head was throbbing as though she had run into a wall.

“Could you move please? I’m starving.” A boy nudged her in the back and she followed the mob into the brightly lit hall, staggering as she went and tripping over her own feet. She lost count of how many times she said sorry on the way.

The lights were brighter today shining down from crystal chandeliers. Silvia is-. Her head was aching with agonizing pain and the loud bustling of teenagers didn’t help. She collapsed on a chair and threw her head on the table.

“What’s wrong Dez?” A shining face sat in front of her. Her kind cyan eyes were shining with interest. She was flawless but in a way that didn’t make Dez burn with jealousy, instead most sat in awe of her perfection. But today, there was a burning rage in the back of Dez’s mind and she had no idea why she was angry. Dez swallowed hard and covered her eyes which were now close to tears from the pain in her head.

“I don’t know.” Dez choked out as she buried her face on the table.

“Do you want to talk about it?” her voice had a soothing almost enchanting effect. It made Dez calm down for a moment then shivers ran up and down her spine. She shook her head. Silvia was only making it worse.

“What’s going on?” She heard Talin’s voice followed by the sound of a plate touching the table.

“Are you sick?” Silvia asked. Stop pretending like you care! Dez wanted to shout. Wait. Of course Silvia cared. Silvia is your best friend. What was she thinking? It was as if something was drowning in her, clawing the surface to survive. Everything was louder and brighter making her want to scream. Why was this happening? Maybe she was sick.
“Well, I was going to ask how you did on the dragon training exam.”

“Fine..” Dez began, “I-I’ll be right back.” Maybe going to the healing center would help clear things up. Light-spellcastors would work their magic and the headache would be gone. She stumbled out of the dining hall where the sun seemed to explode in her eyes. Silvia is not my friend. The thought was clearer now and Dez felt too weak to fight it anymore. She sat down on a bench trying to clear her head.

Five minutes had disappeared, and she “woke up” with a painful headache and an unexplained hatred towards her best friend. Why couldn’t she remember those five minutes? She racked her brain but the headache made it impossible to sort through it.

“Avalina!” Dez called out to a classmate passing by. She was wearing a yellow dress and it contrasted nicely with her dark ringlets, but it wasn’t helping Dez’s headache.

“Hey,” She looked confused.

“I know we don’t talk much but could you do me a favor?”


“This headache,” Dez crammed her hands into her temples, “It’s going to kill me.” Avalina walked over to her and mumbled something she couldn’t make out. Relief washed over her in a peaceful wave as the headache finally subsided. She needed to stop taking light magic for granted.

“Thank you.” Dez whispered, leaning back on the bench.

“You’re welcome.” Avalina turned to leave but then hesitated. “Why didn’t you just go to the healing center?”

“I was about to but then you came by.”

“It’s just, we haven’t spoken in nearly a year. I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.” Was it really that long? It felt like just yesterday that they were laughing at the level one students. Then Silvia came and Dez found she had less time to hang out with other Vixera students. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around.”

Dez sat there for a moment watching Avalina’s hair bounce with her every step. She thought the headache would help clear her mind but she ended up more confused than before. Somehow it was all connected to Silvia. Dez’s eyes widened. There was one thought she could remember during her five missing minutes. It was so clear now like a vivid dream. A horrible nightmare. There was one thought still lingering in her mind. One planted or left there for her during those five minutes. She didn’t want to believe it.

“Is there a reason you’re standing outside the dining hall, spying on people?” It was Mer. Dez turned to find her standing in black holding a pile of books. Her dark eyes were locked onto Dez.

“Mer.” Dez whispered. “Mer, I’m free.”

“What are you talking about?” She was staring at Dez like she had lost her mind.

“I-you’re not- Are you?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Silvia, she did something to me.” Mer still didn’t understand. “Mer, how do you feel about Silvia?” Something flashed in her eyes and her expression cleared.

“Silvia’s great! We’re best friends.” The methodical voice replied. Dez felt a stab of disappointment cut inside her. How was this possible?

“No you’re not, Mer, you have to remember!” Mer’s expression relaxed.

“What has gotten into you? You think you can just tell me who my friends are? If you hate her that much then why don’t you just leave?”

“I’m not making this up. She’s using you. Think about it: when was the last time you and I had a conversation this long?”

Mer scoffed, “I don’t know about you, but I’m not letting it last any longer. Don’t bother following.” Dez didn’t bother. She couldn’t eat anyway. Her appetite had been ruined and the smell of food only made her feel sick. She decided to walk towards the dueling fields to be alone. It was empty now since classes were over and the dragons were in their dens. She would’ve loved to ride her dragon, Lacuna, but students weren’t allowed to past Five. A good ride might’ve helped clear her head. How was she going to help Mer? It seemed so hopeless.

How was Dez going to act when Silvia was around? It occurred to her that Silvia might’ve already known Dez was out of her control now. Would it be better to hide? Dez turned around once she was halfway across the dueling fields and looked at the academy. Its yellow stone walls towered high above her. It was made to look like a castle so the students would feel more at home. She felt small staring up at it with a vast field surrounding her and felt an incredible loneliness rise up in her throat.

Silvia’s spell was broken.


Mer walked in to the dining hall still shaking her head at her talk with Dez. Silvia using her? It was unthinkable. No one used her, she was her own person.

“Hey, Mer. What are you getting for dinner?” Silvia asked sweetly. Her bleached hair had little flowers braided into it and they seemed to dance whenever she turned her head.

“Spaghetti.” Mer replied.

“Me too, would you mind getting me one?”

“Sure.” Mer found herself saying. She walked towards the back of the dining hall where all the food sat lined up on countertops. They had every kind of salad on one table and a large variety of meat on another. Silvia is the image of perfection. Mer made her way towards the spaghetti and pasta counter while a group of air spellcastors flew past her. She knew some of their names but never really made friends with them even though she was an air spellcastor herself. It was just a label she was born with along with all the other students at Vixera Academy.

Mer piled two servings of spaghetti onto some plates and moved down the counter to get some drinks. A tall man accidentally walked into her on the way.

“Excuse me,” He muttered carrying a water glass. Mer grabbed her own glass and brought it to the spout. The water poured out of the faucet in a crooked line and splashed when it reached the bottom. The sight reminded her of Dez. She loved the water. “You have to remember!”. Remember what? Mer had no trouble forgetting things. What was there to remember? She couldn’t brush off the sinking feeling that Dez wasn’t lying.

Mer grabbed a tray to carry the plates and glasses at once. Just forget about what Dez said. She’s only jealous of Silvia. That’s why. She’s just trying to make her look bad. Mer repeated to herself with each step back to her table. But then why did she look so scared? And if she had only been jealous why didn’t she argue? Mer shook her head. What was wrong with her today? She would never go against Silvia to side with Dez. The idea was absurd.

“Thanks, Mer.” Silvia said, taking her plate off the tray. She smiled and then sat back down next to Talin.

“Where’s Anthony?” Mer asked, glancing down at his empty seat. The raggedy dark-headed boy was usually the first to arrive.

“He had to study for ‘History of Iceron’. We can borrow his notes when he’s done.” Mer nodded. Everyone hated History of Iceron so free notes were like free candy. She’s using you. Mer felt a stabbing pain in her temple. She clutched her head between her hands and cried out.

“What’s wrong, Mer?” Silvia looked shocked, but Mer couldn’t respond.

“Maybe she has what Dez got.” Talin said. What Dez got? Mer thought, pressing her palms harder into her temples.

“You should go to the healing center.”

“I’m fine.” Mer replied. She opened her eyes but only saw bright blurry colors mashed together like watercolors on paper. “Why is everything so bright?”

“It’s no brighter than usual.” go, you need to go to the healing center. The message repeated in Mer’s head. Don’t tell me what to do! Something else screamed. Mer didn’t care what either message was telling her. She ran for the door because that was the only escape.

Her head was still thudding when she reached the door. She was panting, and she couldn’t remember why. Silvia is using you.

Mer stood up straight and stared at the white wall. It was as clear as her mind. Without a second thought, she dashed after Dez.

“Dez! Wait!” Mer called after her. Dez had already reached the other side of the dragon fields. She turned and saw Mer’s staggering figure.

“I remember everything!” She continued to yell. Once she was close enough she could see Dez was smiling. “I could kill her. Sorry I didn’t listen.”

“Well that’s the biggest relief I’ve had all day.” Dez grinned even brighter. “Now if only we could find a big enough stick.”

“Dark. I like it.” Dez laughed.

“But what if she decides to... Control us again?” Mer hadn’t thought of that. A shiver ran down her arms. Maybe they weren’t that safe after all. There had to be a way to hide it. They could run, but go where? They could try telling someone, but who would believe them?

“So we have to pretend like we’re still being controlled?” Mer grumbled. She had a terrifying mental image of her sitting zombified in front of her nemesis.

Dez nodded, “I know, I hate it to. But I’ve been thinking, if you were under her spell too then what about Talin and Anthony?”

“Wait, they’re under the spell too!?”

“I’m not sure. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? Why would she brainwash us and not them?” Dez replied, “We have to help them.” If they were going to help then they’d have to do it under Silvia’s watch. Mer comforted herself with the thought of it being a temporary plan.

“So what is it that she did to us?” Mer asked. Dez stared at the grass and let out a sigh.

“I have no idea. But I don’t think it was spellcasting.”

“A potion, then?”

“Maybe, but I’ve never heard of a potion lasting for seven months.” Seven months. That was when they became friends with Silvia. Where had those months gone? Just then the bell sounded behind them. It was getting late and they had to return to the school grounds.

“We can talk it through in my dorm room.” Mer offered. She still had a million things to discuss and plans had to be made for the next day. The school year had only just begun, and they had a lot more to deal with then they thought.


Dez paced around Mer's room in the air spellcastor dorms, trying to concentrate. Half of her long blonde hair bounced off her back as she walked while the rest was tied loosely in a bun. She couldn’t concentrate. All she managed to do was get more and more furious.

Mer was sitting on her bed already bored with the topic. Her fringe concealed her expression leaving only a shadow of sympathy. Her deep brown eyes stared intently at a sketchbook.

"How did you break the spell?" Dez asked as she came to a halt.

"You did. You told me Silvia was controlling me." Mer replied, finally laying aside her sketchpad. "Why?”

Dez frowned. It wasn’t adding up. The spell couldn’t have been so easy to break if it was made to last seven consecutive months. "You didn’t hear a..” she hesitated, “A voice inside your head?”

"Yeah, now that you mention it. It felt like I was arguing with myself."

"Did you black out?”

"No." Mer looked up and stared at Dez with one eye. “Now you’re starting to scare me.”

"I lost five minutes." Dez sat down on the bed and they both grew quiet.

“What happened?”

"I was standing in the middle of the courtyard. I had just checked the clock. Then, suddenly, there was a crowd of nature-spellcastors around me all trying to get to dinner.” She looked up at the clock in Mer’s room. “Then I checked the clock again and five minutes had passed.”

"I don’t think that happened to me.” Dez shivered and began pacing again. It was the most unsettling piece of the story despite what Silvia had done to them. At least she knew what Silvia had done during those seven months, she could remember every second, but those five minutes might have been lost forever.

"How did you know? I mean, how did you break the spell?” Mer asked a moment later.

"Same as you. I heard a voice in my head."

"Okay, but who told you not to trust Silvia? It wasn’t me obviously.”

“I honestly don’t know. It could have been something Silvia said.” Dez wanted nothing more than to shut all the thoughts from her head and just forget about the whole ordeal. It was too much to take in at once. The curfew bell would ring in a little less than an hour and they had made next to no progress.

“I have to go soon.” Dez began, “We need to decide what to do tomorrow.”

Mer heaved in a deep sigh. Neither one of them wanted to think about tomorrow. They both shared classes with Silvia and would have to face her for lunch and dinner if they wanted their plan to work.

“We’ll talk to Talin. If it was easy for me to break, I’m sure it won’t be hard for him.”

“Maybe. But you weren’t made to love Silvia.”

© 2014 JLarsino

Author's Note

This is the beginning of Chapter one. I've edited it a few times through already but there is always room for improvement. :)

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silvia?????? NO!!!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wait a second.... the cover why is Dez using fire?

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

It's water :) How can you see it?? It's so tiny!

8 Years Ago

If you click on it it get's bigger :) and i know i was just giving you a hard time :)
My brain: Silvia? Who...? OH YEAH!!! o.O you had to change it....

Posted 8 Years Ago

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