The Time of Love

The Time of Love

A Story by Eli_Wolf-Queen

This is a story of how nature can bring two people together and find love.


The Time of Love

Once there was a grand oak tree. Her leaves were falling and she couldn’t understand why. Until one day an old frail woman waddles up to the oak tree and whispers, “If only you could bring to lovers from different states together.” Then the old woman waddles away towards the big kingdom where a princess lives. The oak tree looks up at the sight of the kingdom and sends a black and white squirrel to fetch the princess to the trees resting place.

The squirrel, or Jack, was running along the branches of the trees in the forest until he was on the edge of where the forest ends and the town began. He looked down at the ground and took a big gulp. He hadn’t been outside of the forest before and he was a little nervous. He gathers up his courage and scurried down the tree trunk and into the town. Jack was walking around in the town when he was spotted by a great big animal that kinda reminded him as a wolf. He scurries up the side of a wooden barrel and sits on the flat surface on top. When the wolf like creature lost interest in Jack, he carefully scurries down the barrel and back onto the white and grey cobble streets. He runs across the streets weaving through peoples feet to get to the kingdom.

By the time Jack got to the kingdom gate, the sun was setting into this beautiful dusty rose gold color illuminating the castle windows. Jack sighs and starts slowly walks toward the castle gates. He squeezes through the rough iron bars and starts jumping and hoping to the doors of the castle. Twisting down the long corridors to find the room that the princess resided in. He scurried passed the guards marching along. He follows the energy the wise oak tree had let him see, the electric yellow-pink line leading him to his goal. A servant walks by, opening the door as she carried a tray of food. Jack quickly slid in after her, before the door closed.

The princess was sitting on the window seal, staring out into the distance, looking for a different future than Queen. The servant sets down the tray onto the princesses desk as she continues to look out the window, ignoring the servant. Jack quickly hides underneath the desk and waits for the servant to leave before he speaks to the princess. When the sun had finally settled onto the last hills of the land the servant leaves after cleaning up the princesses closet and making her untidy bed.
Jack slowly crawls out from under the desk and clears his throat.
“Princess…..” Jack says and she looks towards the door in shock.

“Down here,” Jack grumbles as she looks by the desk and at Jack.
“Who are you?” The princess asks and jumps off of the window sill.
“The names Jack. And what might yours be?” Jack asks and straightens up onto his haunches. He then scurries up the desk chair and onto the desk where she could see him better.
“My name is Princess Moon. Why are you here sir Jack?” Moon asks as she picks at her uneaten meal of chicken and creamed peas.
“I am here to take you to a secret meeting place to meet someone who will change your life.” Jack says and smiles up at Moon.

The End

© 2019 Eli_Wolf-Queen

Author's Note

Please don't mind the grammar errors.

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Your storytelling is well done, easy to follow, imaginative, & a little unusual. It feels like this story ends a little suddenly. I remember when I first started writing stories (long ago), I also ended my stories abruptly becuz I could not figure out where to end a story. This reminds me of those writing times. I think this story could pass muster, even with the sudden ending. You've left a nibble there, so we can ponder whether she goes or whether she stays & what happens next. I like a story that leaves things that can yet be imagined by the reader. But I also feel that you have more of this story in you. I think you could continue this story just becuz it feels like you were having fun with it. Either way, it's good to practice writing. As you know, your grammar is a little rough in spots & many might not want to review you becuz of the deadly authors note: "Please Ignore Grammar" (this is a joke among the old-timers on this website, becuz we do not ignore grammar!) But many young writers have this approach, so hopefully you will get some reviews on this anyway! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Years Ago

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