A Poem by Emma Ruth



Subject 1 : The Girl Who Drowned .

                     In her chronic sighs and water-logged eyes

                     Who screamed all day and night,

`                   …But never made a sound…


                     “Definitely, completely is all I need” .

      She whispered (repeatedly in her head)

      Bladed tongues and unsheathed words;

      One fresh wound and all her old scars bleed.


Subject 2 : The Fish who Lived in a Rectangle

                     And dreamt of waters without borders,

                     Spending his time behind the look-in glass;


                    Did he plot the demise of his captors,

                    Or have in his mind the cure for cancers?


    Well most notably, he swam without thinking,

                    And slept without sinking,

                    And all of this he did gracefully, without blinking.


Subject 3:  The Couple who Missed

                     Very often when they kissed,

                     And each other when they risked

                     Any absence from their loving abyss

                     They chained and padlocked their embrace

     To be safe,

                     And stared through the white-wash window

                     At the beautiful women and the handsome men

                     Wishing they could unlock themselves again


Subject 4:  The Rat in the Trap

     Whose last memory was a SNAP

     Whose legacy was the uneaten piece of chocolate orange that he Stole

     And three Christmas time stockings with no toes, but a hole.

                     He had no name, he had no voice…

                     He must have had no soul.



Subject 5 :  The Husband who Lied

                      Whose morals had died

      Some time in 1977

                      A white elephant in the room

                      An impending, humiliating doom,

                      For a wife who’d never learnt her lesson.

© 2016 Emma Ruth

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Added on September 20, 2016
Last Updated on September 20, 2016


Emma Ruth
Emma Ruth

United Kingdom

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