Low Self_Esteem

Low Self_Esteem

A Poem by Solar Redemption

The night is dull

Full of nothingness

Like me

I awake in the afternoon

Wishing I didn't have see my

face in the mirror

shaving for nobody important to see

I hate the reflection

Always have

Always will

The story it tells of a drugged out alcoholic with curly hair and a misshaped nose

Keeps plaguing my mind throughout the day as the kids on my street look away in sheer disgust

I thrust my face into my hoodie as a car drives past

The people inside laughing at the fact i am poor and can't afford a new Hummer H3

They dance and they sing in the dirtiest night clubs you could possibly imagine

All being under age but their ****ed up parents money allows them to do as they please

A bird kaws as a

Rock is tossed into the back of my head by a girl i once had a crush on

My instinct tells me to shout out what the hell but my soul is too weak to even care so instead I pick up the pieces of broken skull from the sun bleached sidewalk and continue on this **** filled adventure called life

I meet up with a friend who has weed and we blaze until i can not fill the regrets and i forget about my face and the terrible children on my street

© 2017 Solar Redemption

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i see a colony of sandboys, a girl and a writer's temperament (expressive). What i don't see is a 'Grace shop'...rather, you blazed - a realm where the grass is gold. it's fine. Work on the 'Grace shop' pls. there has to be

Posted 4 Years Ago

Alao Taiwo

4 Years Ago

can't say specifics. poetry stuff
Solar Redemption

4 Years Ago

i'll try to remember it.
i just thought this site was where other writers would.. read more
Alao Taiwo

4 Years Ago

no no no, it is...ok. i'll try to do a poem to that effect but don't know how soon. Grace shop
.. read more
A new car won't make you happy. Need friends close and something to make you want to live and laugh. I liked the honest thoughts and words shared. We must find safe places and good people. Thank you my friend for sharing your words and thoughts.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on November 17, 2017
Last Updated on November 17, 2017


Solar Redemption
Solar Redemption

Reedley, CA

Alternative goth, shy, loves music. I typically keep to myself, and am not very expressive. But when I write, it's like I'm some place else. I've been gone for a while, and I'm working on getting.. more..

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