The story of a guy named guy

The story of a guy named guy

A Story by Ezroth Kusosroy

How are you?

Hello. My name is guy. (My parents were terrible) so I kinda left them and now I'm stuck in a Forest With my brother senteroca. Then we tried to find abandoned cabins. Then we found one with 2 bags of meatballs. A microwave, basic tools and other stuff. I just felt the need to talk about meatballs. So I then realized a small hole. Until I realized a bear was outside. So I got an axe and killed it. So we cleaned it and had it for dinner.
Before we ate it. We found out that, before he killed the bear. Someone named "jorkinshok" put in a paper that said "we see you have killed and eaten this bear. But while you're eating this bear, please consider joining the cult of the wolves." We also found some outfits and a rulebook. So me and senteroca being bored, we decided to go there. Then jorkinshok noticed us. So we had to knock him out with our rulebook and escape. We also found something called "the wolves tooth shard" apparently it gives you great power. We also found a small store selling mani-soda.
Oh! Also uh. We kinda lost our way home. We followed the sun. But we got more lost. And now we are currently being chased by some man because we stole something from him. Now I saw that we need 5 shards to get "mystical powers" which includes teleportation. But before that, we have to mix the shards together in a pot. But we stabbed the guy chasing us with the shard we had. Eventually giving us "the shield shard." so that one is defense. We also found a gold bar.
But, we went further in the forest. We found a rabid dog, as it lunged toward us, we used the shield shard. When it ripped it's tooth out we found the "fast jumps shard" apparently it increases your speed, and lowers your gravity. As we were going back to our cabin, we found a potion bottle with a lid. We put water in it, so when we get all the shards, we can mix it with the water and create "the power potion." While also keeping "the power shard" alive.
But, I realized there were 2 shards on top of our cabin, we weren't able to reach them, luckily, we had the shard. So we use it to get on top and get the "dark magic shard" and the "tele-shard" and we mix them. After that. We use it to go back to our parents house. At least we're safe now.

© 2022 Ezroth Kusosroy

Author's Note

Ezroth Kusosroy
I'm going to be posting earlier on Wattpad account, EzrothKusosroy.

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Added on October 13, 2022
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