Suicide; I wish I could save you

Suicide; I wish I could save you

A Poem by Martina

This is for my best friend. My excat feelings for her, when she went suicidal.



By: MW


Suicide was your game

Misery is your gain

The line is short easy to slash

You didn't even think about us at last

Happiness is beyond your reach

Sacrifice is within your grasp

This isn't a game anymore

Shattered, in the night wind

You two aren't together anymore

It's cold and hard,

it's gleamed in the dark,

Seeing your reflection one last time

He's gone and it's all their fault.

Your parent's are real b*****s,

Haven't have a clue of what they're doing to you,

I wish you were stronger than this,

Begging, pleading, we aren't enough

Think before you slash,

Think before you enter your journey immortality

love is within grasp

but seemed to be so far away

Love is strong,

Love is kind,

Love will last forever,

Love is pain

Cry, look what have you done

People, crying and we all in pain

You were hurting, we understand.

We tried to keep you happy

I wasn't enough,

You didn't trust me enough,

You didn't grab my hand,

You didn't even let me help you in the matter

You hurt him

He's freaking out,

Freaking about your safety

I know his true love is for.

You seemed to be so faraway,

beyond my reach but still I haven't given up

You're my friend,

Promises meant to be broken,

Bonds meant to be severed,

As the gleam came close,

trying to cut our bond.

I wouldn't let it.

I promise I will save you,

I promise the three of you,

I will pull you out of your own darkness,

even if it costs me my life

Your parent's will get what they have deserve,

In due time they will have to answer to 'God'

Please don't give up, place down the blade

We all love you

Please don't give up

© 2011 Martina

Author's Note

I wrote this from my heart to my best friend.
The words that I cannot speak,
but I can write it out on paper.
I wish she was stronger,
and now the flame of her candle has went out by the
wind of her pains.

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Wow. This is very sad and so powerful. It's amazing how you took her emotions and put them into your own words and thought to share and express. That's a skill that's very impressive.

Posted 8 Years Ago

tragic, good write. i can relate, i have a few friends that dont quite realize their worth and that suicide is not the answer.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I'm so sorry that this has happened, and it's clear that you're a really great friend.

As for this poem, it's beautifully written, and your intention is very clear. Great job.

The only thing is that it's just "parents" without the apostrophe.

Posted 8 Years Ago

AW, i'm so sorry! Sadly, these things happen. there's so much that we have to live for thoguh sometimes we don't think it and there is someinw out there who does care for us thoguh we might not think it. Youre so strong to have been there for her. Great write! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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