A Poem by Esther:)

Losing yourself to conform to what society deems right

There I lay, like a boulder on the grass,
Watching the world around me change
While the rain mixed with my tears
And slowly eroded away pieces of me

They stole the pieces I used to love
And left behind a tiny stone
Barely recognisable for who I once was
Then I was further diminished by the sole of a human’s shoe

They scraped away my innocence and hope on the jaggard tar
And left behind a fine powder, that is sand
No longer exclusive, for I was welded to the masses
Before the car tyres withdrew me from the visible eye

They crushed me under there excessive load
And left behind the atomic particles that once made up the boulder I was
In this immensely large world I became little more
Than a single particle floating in the breeze

Where did the dear pieces of me go?
Why am I left with only what I hate?
Oh, how I miss the boulder I was
Yet when I was a boulder I always expected more

Now, too late I see I was exactly who I needed to be
But there’s no way to reclaim my old soul
No way to recapture the criminal who fled
And lock her in the bars of the prison she needs

© 2022 Esther:)

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I like this poem for so many reasons. Obviously the same subject as mine. But I was merciful to my boulder and ended its saga still as a rock. Your boulder gets absolutely pulverized. Becomes a speck of dust blown into a cloud of life to trigger a drop of rain that falls on my boulder to wear it further. My boulder wears your boulder wearing down mine. Nice to roll with your rock poem!!


Posted 9 Months Ago

We're human, we're flawed - all of us - in our own way. We may not be able to change the physical aspects of some choices we make/made. BUT, we don't have to continue in a self-directed path. Enough CAN BE enough behind our eyes ...what WE do - THAT is always our choice.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on April 17, 2022
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A Poem by Esther:)