X-Rev - Trailer

X-Rev - Trailer

A Chapter by EternalStories

Prologue is perhaps the right word for it but the way I feel about it - it's trailer. Something I'd release long before the actual thing. Have a taste of what I hope to create!

  Kurt Wagner stretched his arms with a yawn as he left the bathroom, his morning bedhead still keeping his hair slightly messy. He couldn't care less. He is 19 now, in biological meaning of the word. If to count the years he actually lived... well, that was a tad more complicated.

  As he prepared himself cereal with cold milk and tried hard to stay awake, a soft sound from behind made him gaze back.
  Fallen was there in boxerpants and boxershirt, she tried to calm her hair that were also in a mess. She was a rather short girl, feminie on the outside, but hardly admiting to being a woman on the inside. Brown hair that in its time had all kind of dyes on them, were now again natural brown; dark eyes, usually with make up that made them appear even darker. 

Considering these characteristics some could assume she was a lot like cacuasian version of his ex-girlfriend, Amanda. But that was only cover of the book, while the contents couldn't be any more different.

She smiled at him sleepily. "Mornin'" she said, her voice a little muffled by sleepiness. 

Kurt smiled back her. "Morgen, Fall" he answered softly as he poured more milk into his careal.

The girl walked barefoot across the room and stopped beside him to also pour herself milk, altough into a glass. "So, this is the day" the girl said low with a deep breath as she rested her back against the counter.

"Yeah" Kurt replied low. His smirk was swaying between nervous and excited.

"Do you think Forge's machine will work?"

"He said it's very likely" the boy answered. Noticing that Fallen didn't look very assured, he grinned at her. "Come on, cheer up~!"
The girl sat on the counter without a reply and used remote control to turn on tiny TV that was  on the opposite side of the kitchen. Comercials were on, but she kept her eyes on the screen, absent. This made Kurt put aside his cereal and step in front of her.

"Are you sure you want to go there?" he asked gently grabbing her hands. 

Her eyes moved from the screen to him and she noded with a sigh. "Yeah, of that I'm hella sure. I'm just worried. There's too many ways things could go wrong..."

"Forge's a genious" Kurt chuckled. "I'm sure he's got it under control."

"Like when he trapped himself in the Middleverse?" she asked. Kurt frowned. "Oh don't give me that look, I watched the show, and after you got here, I watched it REAL carefully" she frowned back at him.

Kurt dropped his head with a smile. A little sad, and a little nostalgic smile. "It's been a long time" he said low resting his hands on the counter on either side of Fallen.

She reached to his neck and began to rub it with her thumb. "Yeah. How is it to finally go back to your world?" she asked low.

He slowly looked up at her, hoping she won't stop rubbing his neck like that because it always felt just so damn good. "Ask me when we get there."

Fallen looked above his shoulder and at the TV screen where X-Men: Evolution began to play, like it did every morning on this channel. When you or someone close to you origin from a supposed fictional world things are bound to be awkward. Kurt also looked back at the screen and drew a deep breath watching as his and his friends' lives are displayed as a cartoon. What a strange feeling it was, even now, after all this time and seeing this show at least two times.

Guess there are some things you can never get used to.

"This is wicked" another voice  said. They turned to see Amy at bathroom door, dressed and with a pony tail.

Amy was Fallen's mother, but they didn't contact much over these last months. Only after Fallen and Kurt learned from Forge that his machine, one that can send them to where Kurt comes from, is finally-likely working, Fallen decided to get back to where Amy still lived and take her along. Amy needed a new start - Kurt said so and he talked Fallen into this. Funny, how he seemed to care more than Fallen herself, and it was her mother after all. But, then again, her or his, is there any difference anymore?

Amy didn't believe her at first when she tried to delicately introduce her to the idea that she might know the Kurt Wagner, the Nightcrawler of the X-Men from the very cartoon, but well, she had no other choice but believe when she got to meet him face to face. But it's a history.

Now Amy's eyes still skipped from the TV-screen Kurt to the very real blue boy standing beside her daughter. This extraordinarity grew to be almost routine by now. She just prepared herself a coffee and left to her own room in this hotel where they rented this apartment for these few days of waiting for a go.

As Amy was gone Kurt rested his temple against Fallen's shoulder, with corner of his eyes still seeing the screen. One of the episodes was playing, but he remembered the events from the other side of the camera.

"You turned the TV on because you knew it would be playing" he whispered.

She didn't need time to respond. "Yeah. I want to see it one last time before... before facing it personally. Especially since we may end up re-living it from the stratches..."

And soon her worries proved to be true.

Are you ready to begin this journey?

© 2016 EternalStories

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Added on March 6, 2016
Last Updated on March 6, 2016
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