Today’s Commute

Today’s Commute

A Story by ettorney

From time to time I see or experience some pretty strange, weird or disturbing things on public transportation when commuting from Rogers Park to the Loop in Chicago

While on the Metra train heading downtown, as I sat down, I saw an elderly caucasian, white haired lady (a painted doll really) with a wheeled walker, complete with hanging plastic bags chalk full of stuff, who was enthusiastically engaged in a political conversation with a black woman with pretty teeth who was a wheelchair bound veteran.

The Vet was super polite and understanding and accepting of the Ol Dolls hard core right wing God Bless America attitude. The Doll knew her facts and she was smart. Intolerant but well informed.

The whole train was forced to listen. But we collectively adhered to this train rout’s social norm of avoiding eye contact by assuming the “head down in the phone position” or looking out the window.

But we listened.

When the old Doll finished her rant the Sweet Vet woman appreciated her point of view, politely disagreed with her and said, “But I still love you,” to which the old Doll replied, “Welllll, I love you too. “

Sweet. Rt?

You’d think that was the end of it. But no.

The sweet vet turned all Jesus. On the whole train car.

She said loudly, turning her head to address The entire car, “And i love all of you! Blessed day to you all. Remember Jesus loves us all and...”

The Old Doll cut her off with a louder “And I’ll tell you another thing!” As she raised her hand up and pointed a finger.

Then she went into the story of how the start bangled banner was written and about the battle at Fort McHenry. In the war of 1812. Rockets red glare etc etc. She was telling us how the bodies of the dead soldiers held up the pole that held up the tattered flag so it “Was Still There” as the anthem goes.

The historical rant was interesting but I have to admit the conclusion to today’s commute was unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

The Old Doll said, “and that Colin Kaepernick! Well I have only one thing to say to him!



To the whole train car.

She sang in a loud, old lady soprano voice that was more or less on pitch but was painful to hear.

Thankfully, the train pulled into its final destination before the high note finale of the song.

When the train stopped I got up to leave.


As I exited, I put my hat back on.

End of Today’s Commute.

© 2019 ettorney

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Added on June 12, 2019
Last Updated on June 12, 2019
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